Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall, No Internet, and Hard Work

Fall is here! Aren't we all excited that it's officially (marked by the calendar) here. It still doesn't feel like fall just yet, but I know it will soon! I love fall when its in full swing. Going to pumpkin patches and no-school-November is my favorite thing ever. Plus listening to my fall playlist!

I've read a lot of fun posts on fall and I couldn't help but write about it too. I think everyone gets excited for a new season and its great.

Fall started the 23rd and ever since that date I have been sick. It's funny becuase I am drinking all this tea and bundling up trying to get better, when I realized that all this is making fall feel like fall. Forgetting the weather, it's like early 70s here. As weird as this sounds being sick the first few days of fall isn't all that bad.

Something that is bad is no internet at home. We disconnected the internet Thursday the 24th and its driving me crazy. I know this is very bad becuase we shouldn't be so attached to the internet, but it's senior year and I have stuff to get done. It'll be a challenge at first. My phone battery drains quickly if I leave data on too. Why me?

HOWEVER, the plus side of this is having more time to do stuff. Instead of wasting time on Instagram I'll study or do something productive instead. It's not all bad and distance from your phone can be a good thing to.

So far senior year has been a lot of work. Always homework and I can not slack off. I need those last few credits to graduate and I'm going to get them. My hard work will pay off.

I think that's enough of a rant about the fall and other things going on in my life for now. Also, this is being typed on my phone so there are probably a few typos sorry about that. Thank you for taking the time to read!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First 3 Weeks at School

Week 1 (September 9-11): AHH! What is wrong with my schedule?! My biology class isn't there, I have too many early releases, and there are no fun elective classes! It's too early in the morning to solve all this!

Week 2 (Sept. 14-18): Everything is okay, my schedule is fixed and I can deal with not having fun electives. Wait, why do I have so much homework? Why does anatomy have to be so complicated, I thought it would be easier. I'm going to bed once I finish homework. 

Week 3 (Sept. 21-25): I am so D-O-N-E with senior year, but I need to graduate. 

This is how the first three weeks have been for me. It's been crazy. I'm not used to waking up at 5:30 in the morning to leave the house at 7 or being on a strict school schedule. These past weeks have been extremely busy for me. I have to get back into the habit of school. 

Writing 120 has me writing so many papers already, I didn't think it would be this much work. I'm just glad I didn't take 121 I would have been dead by now. Writing is not my strong suit and apparently neither is anatomy. These are the two classes I am worried about the most at the moment. 

Graduation is a ways away, but this is what will be keeping motivated throughout the year. Everything I do this year is going towards graduating I can't wait. Right now, finishing high school is a weird thought, but it will come soon. I have to work hard this year to achieve that goal. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

4 Reasons Nature is Calming

1. It's quiet-  Nature allows you to think without the interruptions of the city sounds. It is still and silent, and that is the perfect setting for thinking and clearing your mind. 

2. Nature is beautiful- No questions about how beautiful nature is, from the huge trees that seem to touch the sky to the little flowers that are friends with the bugs. Nature is complex yet simple which is perfect for the eyes. 

3. More O2- Because you are surrounded by trees, you receive more oxygen. Fresh air does amazing things for you and the forest has cleaner air which will make you feel great! Fact: A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 lbs./year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings source

4. It's our home- Humans have lived on Earth for about 200,000 years and when we first started living here we lived in nature. There were no houses, cities, or cars, we lived in the wild and so nature is hardwired into who we are. 

Have a good week! 
Note: I am having my internet disconnected, I don't know for how long but just wanted to mention it since I won't be commenting on everyone's blogs as much as I usually do. I will try to post and comment as often as I can. (:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Reflecting on Summer

I can't believe it is September already! The countdown to school has started there are exactly eight days left until I start my senior year! Where did summer go? It feels like it was just the first day of summer vacation, cliché I know, but really. This summer was definitely different from previous summers.

I got my first official job at Terra Nova, working in the garden of a school from seven in the morning until noon, Monday through Thursday. The job wasn't easy, but it also wasn't hard. The people I worked with made it a lot more bearable. For the first month, I had the job I worked for three hours then went to a math recovery class... yep... I failed math. Then for a month this summer every Saturday I was working at a blueberry field. This is the 4th summer I have been doing that.The first half of my summer was very busy as you can see.

Until about mid-July, I had no time to really go anywhere or do anything. Once work was over with I had time to visit with friends of mine and go places like the beach and the river. I also got time to Netflix binge, read, cook, run, and spend time with my sister. We went to Portland to explore a few times which is always fun. Throughout the whole summer, I have been going to dragon boating practice, our team is preparing for a race we have on the 12th and 13th of this month. Hopefully, all that work pays off.

Summer's been good, I guess this is what they call a busy summer. I wish I had more time to go exploring, but you don't always get your choice. I think I am about ready to see what the school year has in store for me.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Abby and the Pens

Lately, I have been talking with Abby from Abby and the Pens, her blog isn't too well know yet but if you guys would check out her blog that would be great. Abby's blog is full of amazing sketches and has a creative vibe. Here is an illustration she did for me! Check out her blog here

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