Monday, August 3, 2015

Childhood As A 90s Kid

Just a sneak peek into what my childhood looked like. Also, sorry about the off white background, I don't know if it bothers you as much as it bothers me but, just bare with me. 

This here is my pet rooster, Gallo. Gallo means rooster in Spanish, gosh, I was original. 
This rooster was the sweetest, it thought that I was it's mom.

My sister and I at the Zoo and at the beach. We were close from the start. 

Birthday parties as a kid. I find it hilarious that we actually wore birthday hats.

Oh look at that, it gets even better. I was older in this birthday picture, but the balloon hats were key.

Here is my mom and me on a trolley in San Francisco. 

My dads birthday, I think he was turning 42.
Below is a class Christmas party, I miss those. 

Halloween! Here is my friend Taylor and me about to go knock on someones door. I'm the pumpkin. 

Overalls and flannel. Who knew those would come back into style.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at these pictures! 


  1. yOU HAD A PET ROOSTER? that's awesome, man.
    i did enjoy looking at these pictures!

    1. I had a pet rooster until it flew away with the hen my mom brought. Glad you enjoyed them!

  2. Awww, the pictures are so cute!!
    I love going back and looking at the actual printed out pictures I own. It seems most of them are digital these days.

    1. Aw, thank you! It's so much fun looking at printed photos! My family has a lot of photos albums but now, like you said, it's all digital.

  3. HAHA Gallo makes me laugh the most. The rooster I had was so mean and annoying, but I still loved him :)

    1. Love is love, glad you got a laugh out of these pictures :)

  4. the background didn't bother me much. it added to the vintage feel. :D
    beautiful photos :') it's like revisiting memories :) aw

    1. Good to hear! I wasn't to sure about it! Thanks!


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