Sunday, July 19, 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons

There are times in life where we feel like we have reached rock bottom, and I know from experience that it's hard to deal with everything going on. It could be a bad day, a horrible few weeks, or losing someone close to you can have you feeling down. However, there are things you can do to add some joy back into life. Here are 10 things that will help you be happier.

1. Dance- Dancing allows you to be free and only think about the next step, music, and how silly you could be looking. Turn your favorite song on and get off that couch! 

2. Get together with your friends- Friends are what are going to get you through the hard times in life, run to them when you need cheering up. You don't even have to talk about what's going on but just being around them, I guarantee, will make you feel better. 

3. Blog vent- I know you don't want to fill up your feed with your feelings but, this works for a lot of people. Open up a post and start spilling out your feelings, you don't even have to post it, just write about what is going on. 

4. Go to the beach- The beach has these things call positive ions in the air which make breathing a lot better, and when breathing is better, you feel a lot better. Plus, getting away from the city and some pretty scenery always helps! 

5. Read a book- Reading lets your mind go into another world and take a break from the one you're always in. Along For the Ride, by Sara Dessen is a book I'd read. 

6. Bubble Bath- This is a classic move to take if you need to relax. Wash away the negativity. 

7. Run/ Working Out- Running has done wonders for when I'm in a bad position in life. I run till I can't, or until I have no more negative thoughts. Working out is good for you mentally and physically.

8. Taking pictures- Seeing the world in a different perspective can be very effective, which is why photography is magnificent. 

9. Breath- This is an effortless way to feel better within seconds. Take at least five deep breaths with your eyes closed. 

10 Make blueberry Lemon-Aid- Blueberry lemon-aid is what inspired this post. I was making it and thought of the quote, " When life gives you lemons" and immediately I thought of a bad day, and ways to make a bad day a better one. Making something yummy is the way to do that. 

This is the blueberry lemon-aid that I made. The recipe for this is here Instead of cooking the blueberries I strained them, and warmed the pulp, sugar, and lemon in a bowl in the microwave. 

Cheer up! <3


  1. i need to today! (also inspired a topic for a post i was thinking about recently)
    you're such inspiration, vanessa<3 thanks xx

  2. I do a lot of these things too!
    Awesome tips!
    Stay awesome as ever,
    Much love,
    Archie <3

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  5. great list, vanessa! i'd definitely do them :)
    Love, Y

  6. such a lovely, cheerful list! I'l be coming back here next time I have a down day <3

  7. Thanks for the tips, Vanessa! Just reading them made me feel better already!

    Xx Morgana

  8. Great tips! I'll definitely come back to this when I'm having a bad day!

  9. Wonderful post. Bubble baths are definitely a way to feel happier, and so is seeing friends.
    That lemonade looks delish.

    -T. x

  10. Awesome tips to deal with the sour lemons of life! Thankyou so much! I really needed a boost and a bunch of cheer-up-nows today.
    So I'm debating between Blog venting and running. I'd enjoy both. Or maybe I'll just have the blueberry lemon-aid.


  11. These suggestions are all brilliant! The blueberry lemonade sounds particularly delicious - I'm very tempted by it.

    Kate x


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