Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weekend 4

Friday July, 10th:
Friends and Food. These are two very important things to have in life but, when combined together it can be dangerous. My friend Jamie and Tania were getting together and I was invited to come make food with them. We ended up making mini apple pies, smore cupcakes, and a potato stuffed with cheese and bacon. At the time, it seemed like it might be possible to get diabetes and gain a few pounds. We had lots of fun cooking, which made things entirely worth it. Plus what better was to start to weekend then a bake-off?

Saturday, July, 11th:
Another day of selling blueberries! Saturday was a very enjoyable day to sell berries. The weather was cold enough that it wasn't painful to wear warmer clothes. Lauren and I spent a lot of time together telling people wear to pick and who to ask for help, that is if they need it. We were there for a few hours and a few hours with Sara. When we were saying goodbye to her she didn't let go of my sisters hand. I think she wanted us to stay longer, but we needed to give her family a chance to be with her.
I'm not sure what I did the rest of this day, for some reason this week and weekend has been foggy.

Sunday: July, 12th:
At 12;15 until 1:15 I was in Church connecting with God and learning more about how to become a better person. The homily was based off love and how we need to know what love is, love yourself and be kind to others before we can truly love life. Good points but I had a rough morning making it hard to fully follow what was being said.
I got my hair cut after. I can't explain how much I hate getting my hair cut. I have always thought it was a drag to get your hair cut. I pay a lot of money for them to fix the ends of my hair and in return I have to listen to the ladies talk pointless things. Plus, I'm always kinda worried they'll cut my hair the wrong way. UGH but that's done with for the next few months.

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