Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 3

Wednesday July 1st:
I started getting to work at 7 in the morning which means I have to be up at 6. At 6 am I tend to wake up questioning why I choose to work during summer (it's hot outside, gardening in the sun's hard, the early hours, and people) Crazy idea I had. The one thing I do like is being able to unwind for a few hours. I sound very down to earth right now.... MOVING ON
After work, I took the Trimet home and just hung out with my sister for a few hours until it was time to paddle. Padding, as usual, was great. My favorite way to end the day.

Thursday the 2nd:
My sister and I needed to spend more time together and since our mom was out of the house, we decided we would turn on some music and dance. Somehow, we ended up seeing who could dance the longest without stopping. I'm not talking about stepping back and forth from side to side, I'm talking about full-on jumping, spinning, leaping, and more. We were crazy for a whole 15 minutes until Lauren stopped dancing. She still has to have an egg cracked on her head.

Friday the 3rd:
Blueberries! 2nd week opening and we were picked out in 30 minutes. This is a huge blueberry field but due to all the people that came to pick, what would have been an hour and 30 minutes, became 30. Let me tell you, costumers are not happy when they hear "Oh I am sorry but we are picked out... there are no more berries to pick." I felt bad each time I said that but it was the truth and they could see it.

4th of July;
My sister and I took the Trimet to the airport at around 1:30 pm after I went on a 3-mile run. I have no time to run anymore. We hoped on the train after seeing a few people we knew. The ride to the airport, where our dad was picking us up, went smoothly. No crazy people throwing fruit, that's something that happened on the train a few weeks ago while I was riding. After a long 50 minutes, we got to the airport and hopped in the car to Washington. We spent the night at my dads and saw the fireworks with his girl friend and her son.
The fourth of July festival was great. Lots of music to dance to (definitely Lauren and I's thing) We danced to a few songs and some very random rock bands. It was just a great night with my sister, dad, and his girl friend. (Going to need to edit this but for now it's ALL GOOD)



  1. I wish I knew how to dance. I'm literally as stiff as a board. Just curious, has your sister had an egg cracked on her head yet? I'm glad you had a fun fourth of July!

    Xx Morgana

    1. Let Loose :) It's quite simple, don't worry about looking silly either. She hasn't yet, But I will get her!

  2. I love this diary style of writing. Interesting!

    1. Thank you so much! My blog doesn't usually run like this, but I haven't had much time to blog.


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