Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Love Our Blogging Community

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yes, YOU, the person reading, thinking, and commenting on my blog, thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts with me.

I have been a part of the blogging community for about three years and I can not explain how much I appreciate the blogging community. Never, in the three years I've had this blog, have I received a negative comment on a post. In today's society, it is hard to steer clear of people's negativity and put-downs but, blogger is different, the people are different.

Blogger is different in every good way possible. The girls in the blogging community are truly wonderful! I consider each one of you my friends. I've shared a lot of my thoughts on here and I have always felt safe doing so. That's because of how I have never had anyone be negative towards me and that you girls also share your lives with others and me on blogger.

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all of you wonderful girls! The girls who help me get through life by reading my posts, thank you!

As I was writing this I thought of making this into some kind of award/button to put on your sidebar to show everyone how much we love them! I don't know how this would work yet, but I wanted to know if you girls would be interested in that before I start putting my thoughts into action. 

Again, Thank you!



  1. Thank YOU for being the wonderful person that you are, Vanessa!


  2. It's all coming back to you because you are a very nice person as well. :) Thank you, Vanessa! More power to you and you blog :)

  3. Your blog is amazing, and I would gladly put that button on my sidebar, if I could figure out all that layout kind of stuff... I'm working on it, and I'll be sure to grab that cute little piece asap!

  4. Awh thank you. I love the blogging community too, and your blog is one of them. It's like a big forum to read relatable stuff, or even gain an entirely new intake on life. I can definitely say reading blogs has changed my mental philosophies and made me an improved person, hopefully. I love this world of opinions.

    The Life of Little Me

  5. vanessa!<3 this post was so sweet and personal, and i'm so glad that you've been enjoying your time on blogger. i've certainly enjoyed meeting you and all the other awesome blogger peeps (: here's to many more years of growing in the blogger community! xx

  6. The blogsphere is such a great place to connect with people! Love how you're recognizing the fact :)


  7. This is such a post, and the recognition that you've established is so gratifying.

    I hope that, as time progresses, you continue to enjoy the support of the blogging community.

    Kate x

  8. Vanessa, love your blog and your bio pic! Great job on the effort and you have a new follower for life. I have to tell you one of the best things I did for my blog is to utilize free social media platforms to push traffic to my blog posts. Those social sites have a huge page rank that Google loves.

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO


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