Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Appreciating People

Recently, I got news that someone I care a lot about thinks they aren't going to be with us for much longer. This person has put a lot of faith and will in recovering; she's believed in the people who have strived to help her recover for over a year. Unfortunately, she's starting to lose faith in the idea of recovery and starting to accept the concept of afterlife. It hurts to know she might not be with us for much longer, but I know she will be in peace when she's not here. 

All of this got me thinking about how many of us don't appreciate the people around us as much as we can. We all care for one another, that's for sure, but how often do we really show true compassion, empathy, care, kindness, and love? Humans, I believe, are really self-centered. In today's world, it almost seems impossible to focus on others and not think of yourself. So much of our world is revolved around us and I think that it's time we start showing others how much we care before we no longer can. 

Everyone needs to know they are important to someone, from your family to a classmate, they all need love. Now, I'm not talking about being overly nice to them 24/7, I'm talking about doing small things for someone to make them feel important. This could be as little as listening to them (with your phone put away) while they talk to you, helping them with something, and giving them love. My point is that we need to show people they matter to us and that we love them before it's too late. 

Enjoy every moment you have with someone you care about. 



  1. So true! <3
    ~ Sanjana
    P.S. Thanks for the button swap.

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  3. What an eye-opening post, Vanessa! You're completely right. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so let loved ones know that you care about them. Thanks for the wake up call!

    Xx Morgana

    1. It's a wakeup call to me too. Glad this was eye-opening to you :)

  4. This really struck me so hard. So beautifully written! It sucks so hard that we don't appreciate people until it's almost too late. You've just got to make the time left with them count <3


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