Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer! Week one!

Saturday and Sunday, 13th and 14th:
Summer begins here, thank god for that, I needed summer. Saturday was a laid back day which was perfect. I went to see Sara after a day of doing practically nothing. I went to bed at 9:30 that night and woke up at 7:00 am on Sunday. I got an amazing 11 hours of sleep. I did laundry first thing in the morning and after I finished with that I went on a three-mile run. Also cleaned my room and stretched, I am hoping to get my splits by the end of this summer.

Monday- Wednesday, 15th- 17th:
I was up in Corvallis visiting my good childhood friend, Alexia, and the rest of her family. She has three sisters and two brothers. Huge family when you come from a family of a mom, dad, and sister. The first day was rather busy, went to Alexia's work to sign papers. For a month this summer she will be driving a tractor. After Alexia made a U-turn with Oliva and me to get some gelato, first time having it and I'd say it was pretty good. Alexia and me then went to her friends Spencer's house to give him a ride to a family party which I went to with them. We got back then did Alexia's nails and hair, Spencer paints nails super slowly. The next day was more chilled, more time playing with little kids, and sitting around the farm exploring. In the morning, we painted little girls nails and got glammed up! At night when it was dark we all decided that we'd play ghosts in the graveyard. Scary game to play at night but a lot of fun! We ended up going to bed about 12 which happens to be late, for me. Wednesday morning we got ready to leave, went to the farmers market, then headed home. So nice to be home sleeping in your own bed after two nights of being uncomfortable, and being woken up at five because of chickens.

Water tank inspection, that's the bad thing about living in apartments the managers always want to go snooping around your house. In this case, they had to "check the date" on the water tanks. My mom wanted me out of the house while they were in our apt. so I put gym clothes on and went to a walk. Originally I was just going to go for a short walk but I ended up running three miles and hurrying back to help my mom for birthday prep. A few of my friends came to a park to celebrate my birthday with me and I needed to bring the food. We spent 1-5 pm there then two of the girls got a ride to my house and left at 7:30 pm. A lot of fun it was and I am so lucky to have such great friends.

Friday, 19th MY BIRTHDAY
Who doesn't love to be stuck at home in the morning waiting for their family to arrive so that they can have fun on their birthday?... Yes, no one! I was at home for about 4 hours waiting for my mom to get home so that we could do stuff but in that time I went running, another three miles down!When my mom came she took me to the stores, which isn't my favorite place as many of you know but I needed to return a pair of shorts my friend bought for me that were a size too big.  Funny because this turned into an hour and 30-minute shopping spree due to all the sports clothes being on sale and me not passing up that deal. After shopping I opened my sisters gift and let me tell you, she is the best gift giver, ever. So I opened her gift and then my mom, sister, Bernice, and I went to dinner. Two minutes before the time I was born, 7:32, we were seated, when it became 7:32 I was sung happy birthday. I was and am officially 18, unfortunately not that big of a deal to me because I WILL NOT go but, guns or cigarets. XD My birthday was spent well and I got some dancing in too! I love dancing.

Saturday, 20th
We set up the blueberry field for next Saturday. End of story.


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