Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Blogger at School

Must blog... must blog... 
This runs through my head all day in school when I am stuck bored in every one of my monotone classes. School could not get any more dull.. and when it does become a boring pile of nonsense I start to think about blog ideas, which leads to me thinking of posts, which leads to pulling out my phone, which leads to texting up a post. But, in this case, opening up another tab while I should be writing an essay.
So I should be writing up an essay but I just got told that it will be turned in friday so in the mean time, im going to pretend to be roductive and rant about how much I sont want- teacher coming! *Gets on essays tab*.... *now relizing that she isn't walking my way*
Okay so I had to stop blogging for a while because class ended and now I'm in bio blogging on my phone so excuse the spelling errors.
Overall point is it's not good to be a blogger and be in school haha
Vanessa (:


  1. Oh my gosh I'm exactly the same!!
    Ever since I started my blog I swear my grades have gone down!! ����

  2. I am the same way...I have a study hall so sometimes I blog during that :)

    1. Lucky you! We are not allowed to use the internet in study hall unless it is school related. ;)
      ~ Sanjana

    2. I wouldn't be able to do it!


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