Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Prom 2015

Prom 2015!
      I told myself I wouldn't go to prom but I ended up going and having a great time. Three days before prom I found out that a friend wasn't going to go to his prom because the girls parents not wanting her to go with him, so I too one for the team and offered to go. Definitely worth it.
      On Saturday I got ready for prom, hair, makeup, dress, and nails. It took forever to get ready let me tell you. I curled hair, went to the store, fixed hair again, painted nails, showered, did makeup, and put on dress. After a day of prep I was finally ready. 

      My mom picked Ian up and we took a few pictures. Ians mom had a really preyy corsage for me to wear which she slipped on my wrist happily. My mom was very funny while she took pictures of us looking fancy as ever.
      Then after a long time of deciding where to eat we decided on sushi. We are two indecisive individuals for sure. We ate and Ian told me about him and a friend went shooting before prom. Really, guys have it so easy. Its weird to think all they do is shower and put on a suit while girls have to do everything.

      After this we went to the dance. Yes party! Okay so we get there and I find my friend Tania and talk to her for a little then me and Ian look for people he knows. We find a friend of his named frank who shook my hand introducing himself. It was amazing how the young adults were shaking hands and acting super mature for once. Later we found the dragon boating seniors who we danced with for a while. 
      When a slow song came on me and Ian danced for about 30 sec before we found a way to make trouble. A couple we knew was about to go in for a kiss while in the moment and all of a sudden we both bunp into them and kill the vibe. We smiled while they looked totally out of it. Few seconds later we decided to do that again to more people and we slow dance our way seven feet to the right and ruin more moments. It was to funny. 
      After we played some ping pong, got food and more. It was really fun. We heading back to the dance floor and danced more. The DJ showed us how to dance the cupid shuffle because none of us knew how to but that was enjoyable. I wanted to dance all night ling, if you know me well you know that dancing is my thing and I love it. Good music and dance floor makes the party. It was from 8-11 which was to short. 
      The party was well enjoyed. Ian said he had a good time and I had a blast dancing, laughing, and making jokes. Perfect was to spend May 2nd.

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  1. Aw where is he going for college next year?? Sucks that you guys aren't in the same grade!!


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