Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Wow, it's been a while for sure, sorry about that. I really need to post more but ever since I have been back from spring break I'm having a very hard time getting on track with school, eating healthy, the gym, friends, and many other things, it's very bad. I need to get my life together.
OKAY so life update:
I hurt my knee. Went to the doctor yesterday after it hurt on and off for two weeks and turns out the muscle in my knee is rubbing against my knee cap causing pain, happens to very active people. Sounds gross, huh?
I was at the beach this weekend! That was fun; the pictures in my last post are of the beach and the hiking trip I went. The place we were hiking in had NO phone signal so it was only you and nature which is honestly the best thing in the word sometimes. Just getting away from everything going on is great.
I can't get my $%*! together. Goodness why is it so hard to get things together. Once you are use to living with no work and school stress it's hard to get back into routine. I think it's been three weeks I've been back and I just can't get my ish together.
My moms costumer of 101 died about a week ago, enough said there.
Good news though, there is someone who is very dear to me that I meet. Long story short we meet on Instagram then meet up on the 4th and things got better after that :)
Oh! I have a dragon boating race that I am suppose to be paddling in but I might have to just come and take pictures because of my knee.
Life's going good overall so I am pretty trilled about that!

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