Saturday, March 14, 2015


   The air is chilly, the darkness is comforting, the silence is peaceful. I am able to think clearly in this darkness. My mind races with ideas yet I am grounded to my bed. I can not move nor make noise, it's torture. I'd like to dance in the moonlight, I'd like to explore what seems so quite, I'd like to lay under the millions of stars.
  We seem so powerful, we seem in control, we seem to see the world as a predictable place. Just look up at the night sky. Billions of starts, lots of planets, many moons, so many other galaxies. How big are we really? Under the stars we don't seem big at all. Important, unimportant people of the galaxy.
   It's amazing where the mind travels when it's night time. Thinking, resting, dreaming, exploring, and much more is possible. The only question is if you're going to use this time of magical darkness to think or rest... It's night time.

"The time where you're able to think because the rest of the world won't say a word. Night" -Vanessa


  1. Mind travels. I love to travel via mind to a variety of places before I fall asleep. Lovely post!

    1. Same here, great way to get bored and fall asleep XD


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