Sunday, March 22, 2015

California: Day 4

    California has been a great experience. I am so thankful to be able to be in such a wonderful place with great people for spring break. The past two nights I have stayed in with my aunt Lupe, and uncle Steve in Napa. I have gotten the least amount of sleep possible due to allergies from God knows what. I slept on the couch today because the room I was in was to dusty or something like that. They have a trailer parked in a ranch with many others trailers. It's a beautiful ranch, lot's of places to exporter, horses, pools, a creek, and my favorite part, many surrounding mountains. Great place for relaxing especially when there is no phone service.
    My aunt and uncle are some of the nicest people I know by far. My aunt is my moms sister and it's really funny how alike these two are to each other. My aunt, Lupe, shes a little more laid back and will let you stay up but when it comes down to the way my mom and Lupe think... well there's pretty much no difference. My uncle Steve, well his hobby is making fun of people. He is hilarious and loves to tell stories of how him and Lupe meet, it's really sweet. He also likes to make fun of my Lupe. They have a funny relationship, for sure!
    My mom, sister, and two cousins are doing good. I am starting getting slightly annoyed at my sister and cousins. Being the oldest I have to tell myself to set a good example and be as kind as possible. It's really hard, believe me, but I am trying. I tell myself that if I'm not nice to them they won't be to nice to me and do what I tell them... I can't afford to lose authority. XD
    I have spent a good deal of time around the trailer just enjoying the peacefulness. My cousins don't get that you don't need to be doing something to be entertained. These crazy 2000's kids. :P I have also gone to Napa with my mom and we explored some places down there. That's what the pictures are of. I think my favorite part of going exploring with my mom was the church we explored. Usually that wouldn't be my favorite part but it was just the two of us in a really beautiful church: it was amazing. I also liked driving through the county, laid back with lots to look at. Meals are always something. They are good and I feel like I am going to get fat, I never eat to much. The foods good and the conversations at dinner are great. Sometimes we'll get to the point where we all struggle to keep food in our mouth from laughing so hard at one of Steve's jokes. Bad image but that's what has been happening. All I can really say is that it's been great and I CAN'T wait to see the rest of my crazy family in San Francisco!
Now for some pictures after all that talking: 

Friday, March 20, 2015


Yesss,guess who has to spend hoursss in a car with her cousins, sister and mom? Yep, me! I'm currently sitting in the?car texting a good friend, and listing to music in order to block out my cousins, sister, and mom. We drove 4 hours to Medford yesterday and Today we drive all the way to Napa! Exciting right?

Saturday, March 14, 2015


   The air is chilly, the darkness is comforting, the silence is peaceful. I am able to think clearly in this darkness. My mind races with ideas yet I am grounded to my bed. I can not move nor make noise, it's torture. I'd like to dance in the moonlight, I'd like to explore what seems so quite, I'd like to lay under the millions of stars.
  We seem so powerful, we seem in control, we seem to see the world as a predictable place. Just look up at the night sky. Billions of starts, lots of planets, many moons, so many other galaxies. How big are we really? Under the stars we don't seem big at all. Important, unimportant people of the galaxy.
   It's amazing where the mind travels when it's night time. Thinking, resting, dreaming, exploring, and much more is possible. The only question is if you're going to use this time of magical darkness to think or rest... It's night time.

"The time where you're able to think because the rest of the world won't say a word. Night" -Vanessa

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weekly Update!

This Week:
    I went running and completed one week of running! I'm very proud of myself for sticking to it! Along with running everyday of the week I also ate healthy.   
   I didnt miss a day of homework this week. School was pretty good, it started off slow but I got through it. One of the most challenging things for me was not having any pizza, cookies, cupcakes, chips, pizza, donuts and so on in Spanish. We had talked the most Spanish out of three classes and won a class party, not a good thing when you want to eat healthy. I didn't give into eating junk food.
   I feel like over all I managed my time very well this week and hope I can continue on through next week.
   I ran in the morning, felt so nice to run when it was 46 degrees. I usually run after school when it's 58 and sunny.
   I stretched and relaxed after my run.
   My sister and I got a sandwich at Subway to split.
   We are now at a farm where we work in the summer enjoying the sunny weather and the goats!
Later Today:
   I'll go to church!
   And possibly see my sister's friends first soccer game with his new team!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


     What would I do without music? I know that is a very cliche phrase but, I really have a deep connection with music.

Summer Indie Vibe:
White lies- Max Frost 
Ripe Tide- Vance Joy
Stained- Tori Kelly
I Love You Will Still Sound The Same- Oh Honey 
Best Friend- Foster The People
Chaos- Tove Styrke

Winter Tones:
In Love Alone- Brett Young
Bloom- The Paper Kites
Your Body Is a Wonderland- John Mayer 
Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran 
The A Team- Ed Sheeran 

Chiller Than Chillstep:
Some Chords- Deadmau5
Colors- Hardwell
Five Hours- Deorro
Just Some Loops- Martin Garrix

Stronger- Kanye West (What? It's a classic, I can't help it)
Kingpin- RL Grime 
Dip- Danny Brown
Work Hard, Play Hard- Wiz Khalifa
Clique- Kanye West 
....I'm laughing....Who listens to girl pop when working out? That doesn't get me motivated, at all. I need something to make me think I'm "hardcore" and getting -ish done. 

Why I blog

     I'm sure I speak for every blogger out there when I say, we all have a few reasons we blog. There is always something that drives us to write, share our thoughts, and opinions. Since I haven't shared why I blog I figured that it's a good time to share this!

    What motivates me the most to write is the fact that I want to be able to look back on what I have done and experienced in my teenage life. I have found blogging as the most effective way of writing all this stuff down. I have always tried writing in a journal but had always failed to keep it updated. With blogging it was different. I found out about blogging three years ago, at the start of high school, and now I am a junior in high school; I am endlessly proud that I have kept up with writing on a blog. I don't do it for the page views, followers, comments (although I do love comments), or fame. I blog for myself, without the intention of getting blog famous. I simply want to remember the teenage years and so on.

    The following reason that I keep blogging is that through writing I can better understand my thoughts. By writing about something I can easily figure out how I feel about it. In August when I had to move, (Click Here) emotions were shed as I wrote about what had happened. A little after writing about having to move and saying goodbye to August I had a clear understanding of what upset me and what I thought about August. That was the post that allowed me to see that writing can be emotion filled and therapeutic. Writing has kept all my thoughts together and made me a stronger person.

    I have no idea how to end this post after these two paragraphs, so let me just say whatever be your reasons for writing, don't lose your inspiration! (:
Much love,

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