Thursday, January 22, 2015

Focusing On The Moment

"Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future" (Unknown).

      The past is full of memories, for sure. Weather those memories are good or bad they will always be there to look back upon but, spending to much time focusing on the past can distract you a lot. Good memories are definitely ones you should look back at; if those good memories fill you with joy, why not take a journey into the past? Bad memories, however, are not ones you want to spend your time thinking about. A lot of the "what ifs" come from thinking about the past and how you could have changed it to make that bad situation into a better one. Truth be told, you can't change the past. So, with that being said try to stop yourself from thinking "what if" during times of possible regret.

      The future is always something people dream about. The future is endless, and allows wonder to form. A lot of the time we can find our selfs wondering about what the future will hold. May that future be good or bad. The good future is always somewhere in your mind and thinking of what is to come can bring a smile on your face. The bad future is one your constantly worrying about which will bring stress into your live. Creating a future based off of unreal scenarios and worry isn't worth your time. Just let the future happen when it happens, it's easier that way.

      What I'm saying is that instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future we should focus on whats happening right now. You know, a live in the moment kind of thing. Honestly, I think it's so much better to live in the present to enjoy and take control of what's going on in the current moment. We often lose so much by thinking of the past or future instead of enjoying the present, I think this is why we should really focus more on the moment at hand.

Enjoy the moment!They won't be in the present for long!
<3, Vanessa

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