Friday, December 19, 2014

At Last... It's Friday!

    It's Friday finally! And for a lot of you that means after today is over with winter break starts! The fun begins after a long week of school. I'm looking forward to getting more sleep during break and spending time with my family, of course. Oh! And being able to post more! All good things that come with having two weeks off.
    Today though... It's going to be... interesting? I have four classes today and I'm not doing a lot in them until I get to history. Math in the morning but I'll be studying for my history test while people retake a test. Then in Photography I'll also be studying for history while I edit photos in Photoshop. At lunch time... Guess what I'm doing? Yep, eating lunch and cramping last minute test info into my head as well as the girls I sit with who are taking the test as well. Then history comes around and I turn in the study guide I spent three hours working on last night and five in the morning. I have never felt so prepared for a history test. Anyways, then I take the test and later go to T.A. After all that I get out of school!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


    As if putting up the ornaments on the Christmas tree wasn't enough the first time my sister had to take all them down and put up a set of ones that looked like icicles and crystals. We put up our ornaments the first Sunday of December which was the seventh. Doing that always happens to be the most time consuming thing. We have about three boxes filled with ornaments our family has gotten as gifts, brought, or made over the years. Non of them really go together but it works since it's all Christmas stuff. This year all the Santa ornaments didn't fit on the tree so, we had to put some of them aside. The dog tried to eat the homemade ginger bread ornament we made years ago, and I mean years ago... I'm surprised the cookie ornament is still looking well and "alive". As much fun as it is looking at all the ornaments and putting them on the tree it just takes to much time.
   After we had put all the ornaments of the tree, a few days later my mom told us her customer gave her a box of glass icicles to put on our tree while she was out of town. My mom was complaining that she wouldn't have time to put them on the tree then take a photo to send her customer.
   So, when my sister and I stayed home and had to clean the house my sister decided to take down all the ornaments and put the icicles on the tree. It took her a while but she finished and my mom was pretty trilled. Later that night my mom says that we should take the icicles down, put up the our ornaments and put the icicles back on the tree for new years. Crazy right.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

School and Positivity

    I feel like it has been a while since I have last posted. For this reason I would like it to be summer but, Winter Break is coming up for me soon. Hopefully I will get some time to write down thoughts and what I am doing more often. I need more time to do things I like to do. It seems like teachers always like to give you extra work before a break and then, if your lucky, a little homework during break.
    I have this week and next week until I get off to break. That's a total of eight school days, doesn't seem that bad but doesn't it always feel like the days get longer and longer the closer you get to break? Isn't it weird how that happens? I like to relate this to new years eve, to me it feels like that last few minutes of the year last a long time. Anyways, eight school days! Doesn't seem that bad yet but I really want my break and I have a feeling my teachers are going to give me extra work right before break. I just have a feeling about that. 
    Ten minutes until school officially starts. In this case I really wish I had more time to just sit here and type. I'm hoping to make the best of this day and stay positive through out it. "Think positive and things will happen" I think this is a good quote to keep in mind. Its not going to help in any way to be negative about things but staying positive should. Try to find the good in the bad and don't let the bad drag you down.
Have a wonderful day!

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