Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Weather Freak Out

   Recently it has been really cold and windy in Portland and my phone has been blowing up with weather alerts. Right now it is about 29 degrees Fahrenheit but, the wind makes it feel a lot more cold than it really is. Yesterday, I checked the weather and saw that we had a 90% chance of snow in the morning. The weather app I have was right. It started to snow around 5-5:30...ish this morning. Portland schools are usually pretty jumpy about snow, they need to make sure they will be able to get their students to school and back home safely. So, with that being said I checked the school website and saw that our district had a two hour delay. I went back to sleep and woke up around 7:30, checked the website again, and saw they had canceled school today. I was pretty happy about that and so I slept until 10 which I almost never do. Funny thing was when I woke up there wasn't even an inch of snow of the ground... we freak out right when we see a single snow flake... it's kinda funny. It wasn't a pretty day though. There was rain, ice, hail, and lots of wind which made for pretty gross weather. Mmhmm... so I don't know where I am going anymore with this so I am ending this post here.
Hopefully the weather gets better,

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