Friday, November 7, 2014


    Sunday! Sunday was such a busy day for me. After Halloween and Car Shopping on Saturday there was nothing else I wanted to do more on Sunday than sit around at home and finish the blog post I started on Sunday but posted on Monday because I was to busy on Sunday (Get Fit #2). Note the rambling here.
    Because of the time change I wasn't aware of, I woke up at seven on Sunday very confused. I had a long restful morning and just as I was in the middle of writing a post my mother tells me that we have to go visit friends that are visiting our friends! Really mom... Now?
    Our friends were an older couple visiting from Canada and we needed to say hello to them. We drove about 15 minutes to where they were staying. We greeted them with warm smiles, many hugs, and surprised them with lunch that my mom had spent three hours making. After talking for a while we ate and later I got to take pictures of everyone (My favorite part of seeing them)
    Afterwards, my mom, moms friend, and I drove to the Crystal Ballroom in Portland to celebrate the day of the dead. This is the part which I got dragged to. I didn't want to go but I am a little glad I went because I did get some pretty cool photos. A lot of the music that was played had to do with the dead since the day of the dead is all about remembering loved ones.
    Anyways, I was up until 11:30pm and super tired when I got home. Thats the long story short of what happened on Sunday.
Talk to you guys soon. I have a four day weekend this week so I'll try to post a little more.

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