Sunday, November 30, 2014

Putting Up The Christmas Tree

    The one and only Christmas Tree I have ever spent Christmas with. Ever since I was little my family has put up a huge seven foot tall Christmas Tree up. It's fake tree which, I know doesn't sound very nice, but when you have grown up with the same Christmas Tree being put up every year you become attached to the tree. My dad bought the Christmas Tree when he moved to San Francisco in 1989 according to my mom so the tree has somewhat of a history. It's an old tree. It really is something to know you have grow up with the same Tree and I haven't realized that until now. The tree is traditional.
    Tonight we (my mom, sister and, I) put up the Christmas Tree. We started with three working on a tree and then somehow I got left finishing the lights. My mom started with the base of the tree. It's a medal base and for some reason it was a pain to put in this year. She managed after a while of fumbling. While she did that I stared to unfold the prickly branches, after about 15 minutes Lauren, my sister joined in. She helped me unfold about ten branches then we took turns putting them onto the tree. About half way up the tree, the branches getting smaller, we noticed that our mom tip toed away. As I write this I question how we didn't notice she wasn't helping us with the branches. In fact I don't recall her even laying a finger on one. So, we finish the tree and take a break. At about 10:30pm we decided to put the lights on the tree, me and Lauren test out the lights, they all work, and I go in circles stringing the lights to the tree. While I was doing that my sister gets a medium-sized A-Frame latter. It was nice she brought that but there was no was the latter would fit in the back corner. We put our tree in a corner leaving little space to get around it. Sorry I didn't explain that sooner. Anyways, since I'm a few inches over five feet I could somewhat mange to get the lights up... Two feet difference ... Didn't think about that. Where was I? Oh! Right! Lauren brings a latter after seeing I can manage to get the lights on top of the tree. I go around multiple times, my mom tells me to do it another way so I don't get dizzy, I like my was better and I finish decorating the Christmas Tree.
    It's currently 12:16pm my mom went to bed at 11:40. She never goes to bed that late. Well, late for her. I thought I would be able to post this before 12:00 (I stared writing at 11:45) I wanted to have the right date but there are just to many precious details I want to remember. I really also like writing things out too, like spending time alone it's a good way to look back and think. I'm off topic. Now 12:24 and I'm going to head to go to sleep.
Goodnight! Happy December 1st!

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