Thursday, October 9, 2014


Here are a few photos I have taken the past couple of weeks.

All the pictures above were taken while my dad, sister and I went camping at the coast. I really like the sunset pictures where the clouds reflect the light from the sunset. These pictures were so fun to take. Let me tell you. I think one of the things I like about taking photos is that you can keep the memories vivid in your mind. 
This was taken while I was at the dentist. Apparently Im not eligible to go to that dentist since I don't have any major things that need to be fixed. No cavities. :)
This was used for photography class as  well as a few others on here. Took forever to figure out how to edit it. Couldn't decide how I wanted the photo to look. 

Beach photos from about three weeks ago? I don't know it was a while ago but I have been loving sunset and sunrise photos. Hoping to take more this week but I'll probably just be at home, hiding from the world... Oh wait homecoming. Besides that I'll be inside doing nothing. 


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