Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Music Monday!

Yes... this is kinda summer sounding but I still love it. I have been in a surfing mood lately, I have watched two movies about surfing. I guess I miss summer.
This song... I love it. The song alone is amazing and with the video... perfection. I danced to this before.
Fast Car is also an amazing song to listen to in the fall. It's just a great song with good lyrics.
If you want some indie feel good music... this song is for you! Its such a good song and I listen to it all the time. Its on my Spotify play list.
Here is more indie up beat music. Kids of 88 is a great music band (I think they are a band) This song is a little funny so I wouldn't pay to much attention to the lyrics... but of course now that I said that your going to pay attention huh.
I can't get over this song. It sums up what kind of music I'm always listening to.

Funny story... thought I would share something since the music monday thing is just an easy post to put together.
   Back story: My dad knows I have a blog. I have talked and mentioned it many times... to the point where its not even funny but he has never really taken the time to read it.
   Story: I was in math today and I had just finished a test and was on my phone relaxing after the stressful test, I don't like tests, all of sudden I kinda jump due to my phone vibrating in my hand. I had revived a text from my dad asking for my blog URL... well thats weird. I sent him an attack text asking why he wanted it and to my surprise he said that is girl friend had read and liked something I wrote about the trip we took to the beach. So I sent him the URL but that was just a funny moment... Should be captioned when your parents want to read your blog... attack them with the question WHY!?
Have a good day! Hello to my dad or his girl friend if your reading this.

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