Thursday, October 9, 2014


Here are a few photos I have taken the past couple of weeks.

All the pictures above were taken while my dad, sister and I went camping at the coast. I really like the sunset pictures where the clouds reflect the light from the sunset. These pictures were so fun to take. Let me tell you. I think one of the things I like about taking photos is that you can keep the memories vivid in your mind. 
This was taken while I was at the dentist. Apparently Im not eligible to go to that dentist since I don't have any major things that need to be fixed. No cavities. :)
This was used for photography class as  well as a few others on here. Took forever to figure out how to edit it. Couldn't decide how I wanted the photo to look. 

Beach photos from about three weeks ago? I don't know it was a while ago but I have been loving sunset and sunrise photos. Hoping to take more this week but I'll probably just be at home, hiding from the world... Oh wait homecoming. Besides that I'll be inside doing nothing. 


Laughing Randomly

   Your sitting somewhere with your family and friends and your slowly starting to get bored. So, your mind starts to wander and before you know it you just thought of something really funny. You now laugh out loud and everyone looks your way and asks why your laughing. Stopping your self from laughing and being short of breath you say I thought of something funny. NOW your family or maybe even your friends give you the yeah right look as they fire looks saying she is crazy back and fourth when you look like your not looking.
   And get this. When they do the same thing (Laughing because they though of something funny) they don't seem to have a problem with it. But if you ever do it, your crazy. End. Of. Story. 
   Family and Friends can be so judgmental sometimes. 
Have a good week!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


New post coming soon! So sorry for the wait. Life is getting busy busy busy. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Music Monday!

Yes... this is kinda summer sounding but I still love it. I have been in a surfing mood lately, I have watched two movies about surfing. I guess I miss summer.
This song... I love it. The song alone is amazing and with the video... perfection. I danced to this before.
Fast Car is also an amazing song to listen to in the fall. It's just a great song with good lyrics.
If you want some indie feel good music... this song is for you! Its such a good song and I listen to it all the time. Its on my Spotify play list.
Here is more indie up beat music. Kids of 88 is a great music band (I think they are a band) This song is a little funny so I wouldn't pay to much attention to the lyrics... but of course now that I said that your going to pay attention huh.
I can't get over this song. It sums up what kind of music I'm always listening to.

Funny story... thought I would share something since the music monday thing is just an easy post to put together.
   Back story: My dad knows I have a blog. I have talked and mentioned it many times... to the point where its not even funny but he has never really taken the time to read it.
   Story: I was in math today and I had just finished a test and was on my phone relaxing after the stressful test, I don't like tests, all of sudden I kinda jump due to my phone vibrating in my hand. I had revived a text from my dad asking for my blog URL... well thats weird. I sent him an attack text asking why he wanted it and to my surprise he said that is girl friend had read and liked something I wrote about the trip we took to the beach. So I sent him the URL but that was just a funny moment... Should be captioned when your parents want to read your blog... attack them with the question WHY!?
Have a good day! Hello to my dad or his girl friend if your reading this.

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