Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things I like...

   This is an all time favorite thing and always has been a favorite thing of mine. I love the surprised feeling you get when you reach into the mailbox and pull out a letter with your name on it. Nothing better than that feeling; I love the fact that someone has put in there time to write and send you the letter. I think now a days letters have more value because not a lot of people send them any more, we are to caught up in sending cute texts and emails. Although they are nice (emails and long texts) letters are just so much more sentimental and sweet.
   Recently I have been writing letters to my friend in Austria. We met about five months ago and now we are sending each other letters across the country! I sent her the first one and she sent me one back and to this day we are still in shock that we have mailed each other letters. I am writing a few more pages for the next letter and I will send it later but I'm kinda stuck on what to say... I have said so much already. Her letters are so sweet and sometimes I feel as if her English and spelling is better than mine.
   I also had a conversation with a friend of mine about letters. We both think they are special and definitely worth the time you put into writing them. Also they are always a surprise but I have said that a lot already, huh. Letters are just great...
Write something!

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