Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Photo Inspiration

   I have been following msconfused on instagram for quite a while now and I am proud to say she is my all time favorite photo crush. Her work really inspires me to look at the world in a different way and take photos that have a meaning behind them. A lot of her work is about things that bother her or things that have happened to her. 
   This photo is captioned shocking news and as you can imagine she also received shocking news.  She wrote "I had just received shocking news and then sorta laid on my bed for an hour like f everything I'm done"

   In this photo all the colors in the background are warmer colors and blurred out into dots of light. The dandelion is at the front right and is black which makes it stand out in the warm colors but at the same time it also bends in. The dandelion is the most important part of the photo. I feel like msconfused probably used a Marco lens to get this photo. The photo was probably also taken at sunset or sunrise when the skies colors are the most vivid. 

This photo brings so many feeling and thoughts to my mind. It's captioned "Well I'm sorry, Mr. Gullible, but lying is all I've learned. So be concerned" To me this picture has a sad mood. I feel sad that she has to hide what she is taking and that lying is all she has learned. People do learn how to lie but some people have bigger things they lie about. I feel like msconfused is trying to tell us how messed up the world can be but also having us think about the trouble she will get into.... I just like msconfused's work.

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