Sunday, September 21, 2014


   I have been at the beach house my dad's friend owns since about five yesterday and today is kinda just a chill out day... or at the moment. The weather isn't so nice so I'm staying inside right now hoping that the clouds will clear and the wind will stop but knowing the beaches in Oregon it will take a while for that to happen. 
   While I'm waiting I'm just chilling around the beach house and being lazy. I am dressed in a sweater and the ripped jeans which I have been loving. It's just fun to chill I'm listening to my favorite playlist and sitting in a really comfy couch. Life's good. All I need now is something to drink like vanilla coke which by the way doesn't taste like vanilla at all....and trust me I would know since I have a slight vanilla obsession. 
   Why not talk about that for a little. It started when I was younger I didn't like chocolate ice cream and to this day I still prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate. Then a friend gave me a vanilla lip balm and so on. I had a really good vanilla scented perfume but I ran out of that... need to get some other vanilla perfume now. I also kinda like the cream color of vanilla I would paint my room that color with a bit of lavender if I could...
   Anyways... we will see what today brings.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Random Acts Of Kindness

   According to urban dictionary kindness is no longer existent. WOW. I mean I understand where they get this from it's really hard to find a kind person in this generation. People are too focused on themselves to be kind to another person. People used to be so sweet but now it's hard to find a person who is willing to help other people... and when you do find that person they tend to not stick around for long or it seems that way to me.
   Anyways, I think we should start being kind to one another and help the word kindness pop up more in today's society. So here is what we're going to do... SPREAD THE KINDNESS and we will do this by RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.
   Here is my idea:
Start a blog challenge and award bloggers who enter with a kindness award!
Sooo let's get started with spreading the KINDNESS!

Random acts of kindness challenge:
   Okay, here are the rules to be award with the KINDNESS award. (There is a badge I'll give out to you girls once you accept the challenge!)

1. Answer five kindness questions
A. How do you define kindness?
B. What does kindness look like to you?
C. What is the kindest thing someone has done for you?
D. What is the kindest thing you have done for someone?
E. What's one thing you will do to spread the kindness?

2. Go out there and be kind! Try to do three little random acts of kindness and tell us what you did.

3. Pledge to be a kinder person by putting your name below.
Ex. Name and blog
Natalie ~thekinderblog.blogsspot.lll

4. Nominate four bloggers for the kindness award by commenting on there blog with a complement and a link to this page

And once you have done these four things the last thing you have to do is email me so I can send you a personalized kindness badge with your name on it!

Thanks girls!,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things I like...

   This is an all time favorite thing and always has been a favorite thing of mine. I love the surprised feeling you get when you reach into the mailbox and pull out a letter with your name on it. Nothing better than that feeling; I love the fact that someone has put in there time to write and send you the letter. I think now a days letters have more value because not a lot of people send them any more, we are to caught up in sending cute texts and emails. Although they are nice (emails and long texts) letters are just so much more sentimental and sweet.
   Recently I have been writing letters to my friend in Austria. We met about five months ago and now we are sending each other letters across the country! I sent her the first one and she sent me one back and to this day we are still in shock that we have mailed each other letters. I am writing a few more pages for the next letter and I will send it later but I'm kinda stuck on what to say... I have said so much already. Her letters are so sweet and sometimes I feel as if her English and spelling is better than mine.
   I also had a conversation with a friend of mine about letters. We both think they are special and definitely worth the time you put into writing them. Also they are always a surprise but I have said that a lot already, huh. Letters are just great...
Write something!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Photo Inspiration

   I have been following msconfused on instagram for quite a while now and I am proud to say she is my all time favorite photo crush. Her work really inspires me to look at the world in a different way and take photos that have a meaning behind them. A lot of her work is about things that bother her or things that have happened to her. 
   This photo is captioned shocking news and as you can imagine she also received shocking news.  She wrote "I had just received shocking news and then sorta laid on my bed for an hour like f everything I'm done"

   In this photo all the colors in the background are warmer colors and blurred out into dots of light. The dandelion is at the front right and is black which makes it stand out in the warm colors but at the same time it also bends in. The dandelion is the most important part of the photo. I feel like msconfused probably used a Marco lens to get this photo. The photo was probably also taken at sunset or sunrise when the skies colors are the most vivid. 

This photo brings so many feeling and thoughts to my mind. It's captioned "Well I'm sorry, Mr. Gullible, but lying is all I've learned. So be concerned" To me this picture has a sad mood. I feel sad that she has to hide what she is taking and that lying is all she has learned. People do learn how to lie but some people have bigger things they lie about. I feel like msconfused is trying to tell us how messed up the world can be but also having us think about the trouble she will get into.... I just like msconfused's work.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye August

   I'm going to miss August and all the things that came with it. I feel that August was defiantly a month for exploration; I went many places in my thoughts and in the world. It was also a month where things I thought were make-believe became reality. I feel like I'm now ready to conquer the school year and all the obstacles that come with it.
   Exploration has always fascinated me but this month I discovered that along with exploring the world you can also explore your thoughts and emotions too. This month I came to the realization that I really love my own company. Don't get me wrong I do love others company but I feel that being in my company is better for thinking and of course blogging. I just enjoy the peacefulness in being quiet. Emotions of mine got sorted this month too; I figured out how I feel about things that are often discussed and people. Enough said there.
   I also did explore a lot of places in this beautiful world of ours. I went to the Columbia Gorge quite a few times to explore the water falls. The beauty of something so simple is amazing. Towards the end of August I went fishing with a few of my friends on the dragon boating team. We went to a beautiful place called Estacada. I also went to Council Crest for a little with a friend to take pictures, that was fun. One of the last places I went, or was dragged to, was back to Estacada. My mom, moms friend, sister, and I went on a half day road trip which was nice but painful since I had a headache from the start of the day. In the long run of it all I had such a good time getting to explore many places in August.
   Unfortunately, my life has hit a sad turning point and I'm realizing that what I thought was make-believe is becoming reality. On July 14th my family of three (my mom, sister, and I) received a letter from our landlord saying that she wanted her place back because she is moving back in. The letter came without notice and shocked all of us. Our landlord is giving us until Oct. 7th to move out of the place that was just becoming home to me. I thought that it would be a while before we started moving but, before I knew it all of us were packing boxes and moving those boxes that were filled with the living room, bed rooms, kitchen, and bathroom into a storage unit. I am still in complete shock.
   On the last day of August, which was yesterday, I received a letter from a friend that in an odd since I wasn't sure was real. Although we texted all the time and Skyped it was hard to feel more than the connection between the screen. But, she sent me a letter after I sent her one and I have come to the realization she is more than just a friend online. It was a great was to end August!
   Now, it is September and I am two days away from starting up the school year again. I am a little worried about my Junior year of high school but I am hoping for the best this year. I'm hoping that it's not to painful having to move, that I will still go many places, that I will make new friends, good health, and so much more. I'm hoping for the best in this life where everyone goes through many ups and downs.
Goodbye August...Hello September,

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