Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesdays Update!

Well hello lovely people of the internet!
We are trying something new and doing an update Tuesday! Update Tuesday! Yay!
Okay so here is whats up:
I have been taking many pictures.
Everything photos. No joke I'm taking photos of everything and it seems to be improving my photography skills by a great amount which is perfect.

Let's see... Oh I have two bad blisters on my feet from borrowing shows and now I can't run. I'm stuck wearing sandals until they heal which is a slow thing... For feet. 

I am playing the ukeule it's sooooo much fun! I can play I'm yours, and you and I which I'll be singing for a friend tomorrow.

Moving is stupid. Moving is stupid. I hate packing! I hate it... All we need to know here! 

I can sing? Apparently...

I have ten fingers all of which I am great full for. 

I picked up my classes and photo ID today for junior year! Horry! School...

Yep that's about it, other than meeting someone super nice today while watching a dear eat from the garden.


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