Saturday, August 30, 2014

Losing Loved Ones

   It's always really hard to lose someone that is close to you. I have had quite a few experiences where I have lost family and friends. Losing someone is almost always like getting punched in the gut. It's all of a sudden and unexpected, hurts a lot, and for seconds to minutes you can't breath or think.
   People look at losing someone like it is a sad thing, which it is but we should also try to look at death in a positive or even uplifting way. I'm sure that the person you love would much rather you smile then cry for them. 
   Question is, how can something so sad and heart breaking be turned into something uplifting? Focus on all the good things. You have shared and created many memories with this loved one that you will always have to cherish. Maybe it's running around the forest with them or a joke they told you, whichever memories you shared together you will always have those to look back on. I'm sure that you have learned many things from them that will help you succeed in life, be grateful they were there to teach/show you what they know. Perhaps this special person inspired you to try something new or play an instrument (something along those lines) be grateful for that too! Just be grateful that you had the chance to know and share memories with this person. 
   Something else to think about is that now this loved one is now, hopefully, at peace. They are in a place where they are welcomed to be as happy as possible... If you believe in this kind of afterlife. They may also be reunited with another passed away love one. You should be happy for them, that they are in peace now. 
   There are so many ways to look at death happily rather than focusing on the sad stuff and the main detail that they are not here anymore. These are just a few ways to get you thinking about it. I'm sorry for the many of you that have gone through losing loved ones. Try to be happy and positive about it though. (:
With much love,

For the curious... this is me thinking about what to write. I pre-wrote this post while at the Doctors. 


  1. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much! I was unsure whether to put this up or not.


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