Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day Of Sch-

   I can't even say the word school right now. Wait... I just did, okay never mind that. But anyways the first day of school is always the worst for me. From the teachers to the students.
   Everyone wakes up an hour earlier than they normally would... They do this so they have extra time to look pretty for the first day then they go to looking like crap (sorry) the rest of the year. It's pretty much pointless to wear a dress, makeup, and do your nails unless you'll keep that up all year long. 
   When you finally get to school after waiting at the bus stop for 30 mins because you realized you had to much time, people ask the most annoying question ever. "What did you do over summer?!" If your at all like me summer consist of day trips and Netflix.. So you already know what ever you say will be stepped on by who ever asked you. It's almost there way of rubbing it in. Na ma I had an amazing summer and all you did was sit around * laughs and walks away while laughing * Is it at all possible not to ask this?
   Then you get to school and a bunch of people are hugging you first thing in the morning and telling you that they missed you. But if they really missed you... why didn't they text you?! Lies... Anyways you rush to your first class and the games begin.
   Teachers have you play the most stupid get to know you games. Me being a Junior still have to play these games even if I know everyone. Let me name these games:
Leap name... this is the game where you go around saying your name and something you like.
Matching index... the game where you write your name and what you like to do and people ave to guess who's card it is.
Who are you?... this is the traditional game where teachers point to you and you tell them your name...funnn
   The next worst thing is the syllabus I like to call this pointless paper a silly-bus. Its pointless the teachers make it seem golden but really all you need to do is talk to the teachers to know how your doing and how your grade is going to come out. Your lucky if your still stuck in elementary school.
   Yeah, I don't know the first few days of school are just horrible. On top of this everyone is chatting, nervous, and anxious. I hate it. I start in nine days!... great.
Have fun if your starting school!,

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