Saturday, August 2, 2014

Denim Style

Denim is cute for sure and with that being said it's ideal to have at least one denim shirt... But how do you wear a denim shirt without looking head-toe in blue?
It's simple.

 Choose whether you want to layer the denim leaving the shirt open or button up the shirt.
20 Stylish Outfit Ideas with Denim Shirt


If you choose to layer it you can wear a plain colored tee or even a tee with patters like dots or floral print under the denim. 
Winter/Fall FashionBlack and white striped shirt, chambray or denim button-up shirt, navy blazer, burnt orange jeans                                                                   layer denim shirt with another shirt underneath! genius! goes great with skinnies
Your last step is to choose what kind of pants you want to wear. Personally, I like how denim shirts look paired with white jeans. But you can easily pair them with any color of jeans from light pink to dark red to black.
blue button down shirt + white pants, interesting accentsAmerican Eagle Shirt, Zara Jeans, Veronique Pumps C/o Shoe Mint, Chanel Purse           chambray + pastel

Be really careful when you pair a demin shirt with your regular pair of blue jeans becuase it can turn out to be a blue over load. To avoid this wear a really light demin shirt or an acid washed one and pair that with really dark jeans.  (This is shown on the first picture)

I also don't recommend pairing your denim with legging this can be very tricky to make it look appealing.

Use Beanies To Transform Your Autumn Outfit Into A Winter OneThose pants tho!!!       
Anyways, it's only three easy steps to making it look like you know how to style that denim shirt! 
If you want another quick post on how to pair denim with shirts...just comment! 
... Im really loving that outfit with the bennie, white flower shirt, rolled jeans and white converse. 


  1. Now I've discovered your blog and I can say... it is greaaaat ! I love your writing style and how it looks like you've written it with your own hands.
    And I have several denim shirts that I pretty like. It's good for the summer but this fits well also in other seasons. That's a guy style with a girly touch ;)

  2. Aw thank you so much! I love getting feed back on my blog! I love denim shirts... oddly I don't have one yet... Im getting one soon though.


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