Saturday, July 26, 2014

Regular Normal Day

This is how today went down.... Yeah I cant think of a better opening 
I woke up around 8:30am and took out my connection device. Know what I'm talking about when I say that? I checked my email, Instagram, Kik, and the weather. It was 61 degrees going onto 84 so I decided to get my lazy self out of bed, put on running clothes and go on a morning run. I ran up and down hills for about 11 minutes until I got tired. Now, I may not run for long but at least I'm doing something. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything interesting on my run... Oh well there is always next time. So, I got back home, drank some water, made breakfast, and read more of a book I'm reading on Wattpad. After a while of doing that I helped make lunch and then ate tacos with avocado instead of meat. It tastes better then it sounds and no I'm not a vegetarian I just didn't feel like I wanted meat. Afte- No I'm using the word after way to much. Later, I did some video editing for a slid show I'm putting together. I think I worked on that for about two hours.. the video editing process takes a while for sure. My mom and sister left for church around five and I stayed home to watch the dog. I ended up getting tired of video editing so I went on Spotify, turned on a playlist under the name of Dance (creative, huh.) and did core exercises for about 30 minutes. Then guess what? While I was doing core stuff I thought of blogging about my day. Yep! That's pretty much about it. The rest of my day will most likely consist of showing, eating dinner, reading, looking for more music, and going off to bed. Fun Fun! 
Have a good rest of your day (:

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