Thursday, July 31, 2014


   Why does the Radio have to ruin every song I like? Hmmm? I found out about the song All Of Me by John Legend about two months before they started playing it on the radio and I loved it. It was a good song to listen to when I was in a calm mood and what not. When the radio found out about the song, though, they started playing it non-stop. Then after that they started remixing the song which totally ruined this song for me. A few weeks ago I found out about the song Rather Be by Clean Bandit... and the radio stared playing this song too. A while ago I stopped listening to the radio just because I have music apps so I don't need to listen to the radio... but I found out that it is almost impossible not to listen to the radio since it is played it in stores, malls, streets, and in cars.
Like seriously... though the radio is horrible.
I wish...


  1. You should use spotify! :3
    You'll find new songs and they aren't repeated ^-^

    1. I have a spotify and love it! If you want to you can follow me at thymoonseeker!


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