Saturday, June 28, 2014

Whale Watching

   First things first. Breakfast. Before any one us head out of the door I'm going to make sure we all have breakfast. I made pancakes and eggs while I was still half asleep... I have to say they turned out pretty good... Or the pancakes did... I have no idea about the eggs since I don't eat eggs. Breakfast was good and after my sister and I got dressed we headed out the door with my dad. We drove about 15 minutes to Depo Bay and then hopped into a small boat. 
   I'm not going to go whale watching in a while... Although I did love seeing sea lions and the backs of whales, I have to say I was kinda nervous about being in the middle of the ocean with a super tiny boat.... Oh! And a horrible boat driver! The water was choppy and so when the boat was trying to get from one place to another you would often bounce up and down in your seat which wasn't to fun. But anyways it was okay. I think I did get a few good pictures of sea lions and some of the landscape. 
Yepppp fuuuun fuuuun 

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