Thursday, June 19, 2014

Three hours left? -2:56pm

According to the driver and her assistant we have about three hours to go. Two to hit the boarder and one to get to Gastown, Vancouver. This seriously seems like the shortest car ride ever but who knows since I haven't put up with the last few hours.
 I fell like that last hours of car rides are always the worst. You know it's that last hour where you want to move around because you have been crammed in the back of the car (The Shack) (Read post Long Car Rides to know what I'm talking about.) Anyways, 
you have a need to pee because you thought you could handle drinking a whole water bottle and not pee for three hours. You also start to be driven crazy by the music your family/friends are playing remember you have put up with it all car ride and now your like why should I have to put up with your music anymore... Hmmm. Oh snap you mean business. Let's see... Ohhh! If your in the car with older people who love to tell storys your probably tired of listening to their story's and acting like your instersted. See, there so many reasons why the last hour of a car ride is the worst. I mean and on top of all this you are excited about getting there... Which isn't a good mix. To all of you going on road trips or on them already GOOD LUCK (; 

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