Monday, June 30, 2014

She Never Meant To.

She danced in the rain, walked through fields of flowers, and sung a song in the middle of the night.
She did what she wanted, had her own opinions, and stood up for herself. 
She loved who ever and hated no one.
Always as happy as could be,  always bright and funny, always having fun doing what pleased her. 
She was a free sprit, never caring what anyone thought. 
She was happy. 
She was proud.
She was sweet, possibly sweeter than candy.
Never meant to hurt anyone, never tryed to hurt anyone, never wanted to upset anyone. She strived to be loved by everyone. 
But a storm came and blew her away. 
The rain hit her hard hurting her soul, the wind blew her away and the darkness drew all her happiness away. 
The storm was hurt by something she did.
Not meaning to, not wanting to, not trying to.
She didn't do it on purpose. 
She never meant to. 
But the storm did not see that.

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