Sunday, June 29, 2014

Long day

What a fun and inspiring day.
What a good day. 
Such an up beat day.
Sooo much fun!
I got placed in the front of the boat... head stroker it was different from what I am use to which is being in the second or third seat... But it was a good experience to be setting the time for the whole boat. 
The races went super well. Our timing and power on the boat was really good. We raced about 25+ adult teams our team being the youngest. Our first three races we placed in first and then the last race we placed in second, racing against Tacoma's best adult paddlers. Overall we got second in the whole race which is really gooooood! 
Also another fun race. We had a lot of fun just sitting around the tent site listening to one of the guys horrible rap. (No offense ... I have learned what OKAY rap is from a friend) The team went for runs and group stretches, I enjoy those a lot because of how much you see we are capable of handling during warm ups. we also had a good time walking around the festival with a friend while we  complemented people on random stuff. (I'll post about this later tonight) I had fun shouting our group name and hearing the "words of wisdom" from some of the guys, I have to say one of them really knows how to give a quick and inspiring pep talk. 
It was just a good long day (: 
Glad I went to this race. 
Vanessa (:

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