Saturday, June 14, 2014

Long Car Rides

Today me and my family are heading to Washington to go to my cousins graduation. From Portland OR the drive is about five hours long, not to bad but in a while knowing my family we are all going to be jumping up and down in our seats praying to get out of the car. There are seven of us in the car and my moms friend who is letting us drive her car down to WA. My mom and her friend are in the front seats. My cousin who is my age, my aunt, and my 20 something year old cousin are all in the middle seats. Lastly my sister, my cousin who is 15 and me are all crammed in the back of the car. We have given the name shack to the back of the car. We have been driving since seven and its now 7:34 only thirty minutes have gone by when it feels like its been at least an hour... 
This is going to be one long car ride.

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