Thursday, June 19, 2014

I love my team

My dragon boating team is unlike any team I have ever been on. I just love my team and I'm so great full to be on such an amazing team with some even more amazing people. From what I have seen everyone is so caring and respectful to everyone on the team and we all just get along really well together. Each one of these people on the team is unique yet we all of us are tied together by one thing we all love. 
We always have a good time together. In May we when we went to a race in Olympia WA, that was my very first race and let me tell you I enjoyed it so much. Everyone was in a good mood and with how close we are to one another we all had tons of fun. We joked around a bit off the boat but on the boat we were very foucused and it impressed me how everyone can go from silly to totally foucus in a matter of seconds. We took some great team photos and some pretty silly ones were the real team shows. One of my favorite things was dancing with everyone. There was a guy playing music there and we all asked him to play a song he was cool about it and let us dance to the Macarena I lead it since many of them were not sure how it went but it was just really fun to see everyone letting lose and doing somthing I also enjoy which is dancing. 
I don't know I'm just really great full and blessed with such an amazing team. I seriously feel so lucky. 
Love you guys! 

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