Friday, June 27, 2014

Going To The Beach

Today's the day that my dad, sister, and I head down to the beach for a little vacation. We are going to be there until Saturday because I have a dragon boat race on Sunday and yes of course I can not miss my race. The main reason we are going to the beach is to go whale watching in depo bay. My dad set up a time where we are getting on a extremely small boat and taking it to the middle of the ocean to see if we can see whales. I don't think I'm to excited for this... I mean I am of course but I'm not. I have a slight fear of being on the misdle of the ocean ... Yes I have a small fear of the ocean. The way I see it is I don't want to get knocked out of a boat by a whale, freeze to death in the cold ocean, and never walk on land again. But putting that behind its going to be fun and I'm going to take a bunch of pictures so yes I'm excited.... For the part wherein don't have to be in the ocean. 
Pray I don't die! 

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