Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another Race!

Its 6:22am and me and my dad and I are driving to Salem to another dragon boating race! My dad has been to one of my races but he wasn't to involved since his girl friend was there. But this race around I have him in charge of taking many pictures for me... For my slid show.  So should be interesting to see weather he can get the pictures I need and use the camera since its a bigger camera. 
I'm pretty excited though...this is my fourth race. They are so much fun. If any of you live near Portland make sure to check out the dragon boating races because they are soooo worth checking out. I think so this race I will be put in the front of the boat as head stoker sorta. I get to stroke the rate ups and my friend will be keeping us at a constant time durning the race. 
I'm looking out the windows of the car and all I see is beautiful colors in the sky. It's amazing actually. I just really have a very positive look on today and the start of the day. Going to be a lot of fun! 

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