Friday, June 27, 2014

... And we aren't on track

I was suppose to be at the beach by now but lemme tell you when you go places with my dad expect for things to slow down and for you to be late. I'm not complaining at fact I'm glad that he was late base I got to work on picture editing for the dragon boating team. It's going really well, the sideshow/ picture video thing that is. I'm at my dads house right now and thank god he hasn't cleaned his house because I found the tripod I needed to take pictures of stars at the beach. Fun stuff. Fun stuff. 
"I'm sending this email and then we are going to leave, okay?" my dad just said that, so I should end this blog post very soon. But yeah another car ride and then I'll be at the beach and the lovely beach house which I loved the first time I went there. It should be fun once we get in the car... Yup, like I may have said before I really do love road trips. There is just something about being stuck in the car with only music to listen too
la de da
Vanessa :)

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