Monday, June 23, 2014


We are heading back to Oregon from Canada. I had such a great time here in Canada. I saw places like the market, creeks (false creek), a forest with an amazing bridge, and so much more. I meet with a good friend of mine for the second time so great full to see him again. I also saw some other friends which we ate dinner with yesterday (post Eating At WhiteSpot) it was great to see them. I also spent a lot of time with my family and my moms friend which is always a good thing.
But most important I went dragon boating racing with my team. I spent a lot of time preparing for each race with having to do warm ups, talks, visualizing, and so much more to prepare for these races. I raced a lot too, four times...two races each days it was wonderful to be out there in the water racing against eight  boats at a time. Our team got eight in the A division. We are all so great full to be in the A division even if we got last out of eight boats. But just because it was like this the first time around doesn't mean we won't be better next time. Canada better watch out for the San Fran's, Aqua Rockets, and of course us.
Anyways, this was such a memorable experience. I'm going to remember these memories for a very long time. 

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