Monday, June 30, 2014

She Never Meant To.

She danced in the rain, walked through fields of flowers, and sung a song in the middle of the night.
She did what she wanted, had her own opinions, and stood up for herself. 
She loved who ever and hated no one.
Always as happy as could be,  always bright and funny, always having fun doing what pleased her. 
She was a free sprit, never caring what anyone thought. 
She was happy. 
She was proud.
She was sweet, possibly sweeter than candy.
Never meant to hurt anyone, never tryed to hurt anyone, never wanted to upset anyone. She strived to be loved by everyone. 
But a storm came and blew her away. 
The rain hit her hard hurting her soul, the wind blew her away and the darkness drew all her happiness away. 
The storm was hurt by something she did.
Not meaning to, not wanting to, not trying to.
She didn't do it on purpose. 
She never meant to. 
But the storm did not see that.

Dreaming Big

 Dream about the wildest and craziest things you can think of. Dreams/hopes of your don't even have to be realistic to you. Why dream about practical things if you can dream much bigger than that. There really is no limit unless you allow your self to limit what you can dream about. Dream about what ever you want it doesn't have to make since or even be logical it just has to be something you can imagine your self doing and something you want to do. Don't let people tell you that you can't dream about what you want. Stand up. Start dreaming. 
Here are some of my dreams:
I dream of meeting people through traveling to many places around the world. 
I dream about moving to another country. 
I dream about being a well know blogger and photographer. 
I dream about people talking about how my blog use to be small and had gotten bigger over the years. 
I dream about going to the moon and walking where there is less gravity. 
I dream about meeting the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.
I dream about swimming in the ocean and talking to mermaids.
I dream about helping children that can't afford food.
I dream about being a good person.
I dream about having a good life.
I dream about being happy.
I dream about having wild dreams.
Dream it's easy and there are no limitations. 
Vanessa <3

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Long day

What a fun and inspiring day.
What a good day. 
Such an up beat day.
Sooo much fun!
I got placed in the front of the boat... head stroker it was different from what I am use to which is being in the second or third seat... But it was a good experience to be setting the time for the whole boat. 
The races went super well. Our timing and power on the boat was really good. We raced about 25+ adult teams our team being the youngest. Our first three races we placed in first and then the last race we placed in second, racing against Tacoma's best adult paddlers. Overall we got second in the whole race which is really gooooood! 
Also another fun race. We had a lot of fun just sitting around the tent site listening to one of the guys horrible rap. (No offense ... I have learned what OKAY rap is from a friend) The team went for runs and group stretches, I enjoy those a lot because of how much you see we are capable of handling during warm ups. we also had a good time walking around the festival with a friend while we  complemented people on random stuff. (I'll post about this later tonight) I had fun shouting our group name and hearing the "words of wisdom" from some of the guys, I have to say one of them really knows how to give a quick and inspiring pep talk. 
It was just a good long day (: 
Glad I went to this race. 
Vanessa (:

Another Race!

Its 6:22am and me and my dad and I are driving to Salem to another dragon boating race! My dad has been to one of my races but he wasn't to involved since his girl friend was there. But this race around I have him in charge of taking many pictures for me... For my slid show.  So should be interesting to see weather he can get the pictures I need and use the camera since its a bigger camera. 
I'm pretty excited though...this is my fourth race. They are so much fun. If any of you live near Portland make sure to check out the dragon boating races because they are soooo worth checking out. I think so this race I will be put in the front of the boat as head stoker sorta. I get to stroke the rate ups and my friend will be keeping us at a constant time durning the race. 
I'm looking out the windows of the car and all I see is beautiful colors in the sky. It's amazing actually. I just really have a very positive look on today and the start of the day. Going to be a lot of fun! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Whale Watching

   First things first. Breakfast. Before any one us head out of the door I'm going to make sure we all have breakfast. I made pancakes and eggs while I was still half asleep... I have to say they turned out pretty good... Or the pancakes did... I have no idea about the eggs since I don't eat eggs. Breakfast was good and after my sister and I got dressed we headed out the door with my dad. We drove about 15 minutes to Depo Bay and then hopped into a small boat. 
   I'm not going to go whale watching in a while... Although I did love seeing sea lions and the backs of whales, I have to say I was kinda nervous about being in the middle of the ocean with a super tiny boat.... Oh! And a horrible boat driver! The water was choppy and so when the boat was trying to get from one place to another you would often bounce up and down in your seat which wasn't to fun. But anyways it was okay. I think I did get a few good pictures of sea lions and some of the landscape. 
Yepppp fuuuun fuuuun 

Friday, June 27, 2014

... And we aren't on track

I was suppose to be at the beach by now but lemme tell you when you go places with my dad expect for things to slow down and for you to be late. I'm not complaining at fact I'm glad that he was late base I got to work on picture editing for the dragon boating team. It's going really well, the sideshow/ picture video thing that is. I'm at my dads house right now and thank god he hasn't cleaned his house because I found the tripod I needed to take pictures of stars at the beach. Fun stuff. Fun stuff. 
"I'm sending this email and then we are going to leave, okay?" my dad just said that, so I should end this blog post very soon. But yeah another car ride and then I'll be at the beach and the lovely beach house which I loved the first time I went there. It should be fun once we get in the car... Yup, like I may have said before I really do love road trips. There is just something about being stuck in the car with only music to listen too
la de da
Vanessa :)

Going To The Beach

Today's the day that my dad, sister, and I head down to the beach for a little vacation. We are going to be there until Saturday because I have a dragon boat race on Sunday and yes of course I can not miss my race. The main reason we are going to the beach is to go whale watching in depo bay. My dad set up a time where we are getting on a extremely small boat and taking it to the middle of the ocean to see if we can see whales. I don't think I'm to excited for this... I mean I am of course but I'm not. I have a slight fear of being on the misdle of the ocean ... Yes I have a small fear of the ocean. The way I see it is I don't want to get knocked out of a boat by a whale, freeze to death in the cold ocean, and never walk on land again. But putting that behind its going to be fun and I'm going to take a bunch of pictures so yes I'm excited.... For the part wherein don't have to be in the ocean. 
Pray I don't die! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Sitting here in a cold plastic chair, listening to the teacher ramble about gravity. Gravity pulls you down at 10m/s/s ... Amazing. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


We are heading back to Oregon from Canada. I had such a great time here in Canada. I saw places like the market, creeks (false creek), a forest with an amazing bridge, and so much more. I meet with a good friend of mine for the second time so great full to see him again. I also saw some other friends which we ate dinner with yesterday (post Eating At WhiteSpot) it was great to see them. I also spent a lot of time with my family and my moms friend which is always a good thing.
But most important I went dragon boating racing with my team. I spent a lot of time preparing for each race with having to do warm ups, talks, visualizing, and so much more to prepare for these races. I raced a lot too, four times...two races each days it was wonderful to be out there in the water racing against eight  boats at a time. Our team got eight in the A division. We are all so great full to be in the A division even if we got last out of eight boats. But just because it was like this the first time around doesn't mean we won't be better next time. Canada better watch out for the San Fran's, Aqua Rockets, and of course us.
Anyways, this was such a memorable experience. I'm going to remember these memories for a very long time. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dinner At WhiteSpot

Waiting for my BC Chicken Grilled Sandwich with Cesar Salad and fries. How yummy does that sound?... I think it sounds sooo good right now. I am here with Marj and Joe, my moms friend, my mom, and mi hermana sister.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

5:01! We are in Canada

And past the boarder line. 
Where you from?
Portland OR
How long did it take to get here?
Eight long hours 
How long are you staying?
Until Monday 
What do you plan to do?
Dragon boat race
Where's your boat? 
Hopefully it's there 
Okay your good. This guy was way to freaking serious. 

I love my team

My dragon boating team is unlike any team I have ever been on. I just love my team and I'm so great full to be on such an amazing team with some even more amazing people. From what I have seen everyone is so caring and respectful to everyone on the team and we all just get along really well together. Each one of these people on the team is unique yet we all of us are tied together by one thing we all love. 
We always have a good time together. In May we when we went to a race in Olympia WA, that was my very first race and let me tell you I enjoyed it so much. Everyone was in a good mood and with how close we are to one another we all had tons of fun. We joked around a bit off the boat but on the boat we were very foucused and it impressed me how everyone can go from silly to totally foucus in a matter of seconds. We took some great team photos and some pretty silly ones were the real team shows. One of my favorite things was dancing with everyone. There was a guy playing music there and we all asked him to play a song he was cool about it and let us dance to the Macarena I lead it since many of them were not sure how it went but it was just really fun to see everyone letting lose and doing somthing I also enjoy which is dancing. 
I don't know I'm just really great full and blessed with such an amazing team. I seriously feel so lucky. 
Love you guys! 

Three hours left? -2:56pm

According to the driver and her assistant we have about three hours to go. Two to hit the boarder and one to get to Gastown, Vancouver. This seriously seems like the shortest car ride ever but who knows since I haven't put up with the last few hours.
 I fell like that last hours of car rides are always the worst. You know it's that last hour where you want to move around because you have been crammed in the back of the car (The Shack) (Read post Long Car Rides to know what I'm talking about.) Anyways, 
you have a need to pee because you thought you could handle drinking a whole water bottle and not pee for three hours. You also start to be driven crazy by the music your family/friends are playing remember you have put up with it all car ride and now your like why should I have to put up with your music anymore... Hmmm. Oh snap you mean business. Let's see... Ohhh! If your in the car with older people who love to tell storys your probably tired of listening to their story's and acting like your instersted. See, there so many reasons why the last hour of a car ride is the worst. I mean and on top of all this you are excited about getting there... Which isn't a good mix. To all of you going on road trips or on them already GOOD LUCK (; 

Canada! And My Birthday!

I'm going to Canada today...and it's my birthday! I'm turning 17 and going to spend all day or rather eight hours in a car. It should be pretty fun!.. well sorta. I'm going to dinner tonight with the dragon boating team in Canada that is probably the part I'm looking forward to the most. I opened a few gifts this morning and I have to say I do love what my sister and mom got me. My mom got me a navy Jacket which has been on my wish list for a while and my sister got me some cute cheetah print pants. Lauren ( My lovely sister) if your reading this thank you!.. oh she also got me war heads which I have to say are the worst candy I have ever had by far. Anyways... I have to get going. I will be blogging more later today.
Vanessa <3
I am 16 going on 17 I know that its not fair... la de da 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Dance has always been a big part of my life being half Latina I go to a lot of family party's and we always do a lot of dancing and I have been dancing since I was about five years old. When I was younger I took a few tap, ballet, jazz, and Irish Jig classes and this year I have taken a modern pop class that the high school I go to offers and I also took a ballroom class where I learned swing, salsa, waltz, and fox trot. Currently I am not taking any dance classes but I am working on choreography to two very different songs.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wide Awake

It's 1:36am and everyone in my house is asleep... Long gone into the dream world. Now, here I am laying in bed listening to music, texting two intersting people and blogging. I feel very much awake which kinda sucks because I should be sleeping and resting since I came down with a nasty cough. I'm so bored and cold though and bored ... Did I say I was bored? Just kidding. Of course I said that... 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Long Car Rides

Today me and my family are heading to Washington to go to my cousins graduation. From Portland OR the drive is about five hours long, not to bad but in a while knowing my family we are all going to be jumping up and down in our seats praying to get out of the car. There are seven of us in the car and my moms friend who is letting us drive her car down to WA. My mom and her friend are in the front seats. My cousin who is my age, my aunt, and my 20 something year old cousin are all in the middle seats. Lastly my sister, my cousin who is 15 and me are all crammed in the back of the car. We have given the name shack to the back of the car. We have been driving since seven and its now 7:34 only thirty minutes have gone by when it feels like its been at least an hour... 
This is going to be one long car ride.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blogging, Running, and Having Fun

Yes, that's right. Blogging, Running and Having Fun. That's what I want to do more this summer. These are kinda three summer goals I have for my self. I want to blog more often, I want to improve on my running skills and being healthy, and lastly I want to have fun.
I know a while ago I said that I wanted to blog more often and I have been doing a better job at blogging more often than I have in the past but as I explained in a later post I want to blog more often so that the blogs almost serve as a journal that I can look back later on.  So, as I said before excpect daily posts. 
I have always see people running and I think about how cool it would be to be able to run and with being on the dragon boating team cardio is important. Sooo I thought why not give running a chance. I have started to jog around the neighborhood for as long as I can then I walk and jog track to my house. Along with running keeping me healthy I want to eat healthier and doing those two things I will become stonger. 
Being happy
Yes, this is one of my goals... Sounds a little silly but I really do want to have a positive and fun summer. I think that if I have being happy as one of my goals I'm more likely to remember to be happy and stay positive. 
Staying happy, trying to blog while running. 
Vanessa <3 

Summer! And Sophomore Year...

Summmmer is finally here! After about eight months of school summer is now here and I'm so glad that it's here. I have a very god feeling about summer 2014... it's going to be a good summer.
A little about my sophomore year:
The school year stared off pretty well. I meet some new people which I am good friends with now. A friend of mine moved to Hawaii, that turned out to be a good thing because I realized that she wasn't the type of person I wanted to hang around with. I went to my first high school dance with two of my good friends I had a good time but I don't think that I'll be going to another high school dance, definitely not my thing. I joined our high school's dragon boating team.. we worked out every Sunday and I meet a bunch of really nice people. I became friends with a teacher at my school. A few of my friends got together to celebrate valentines together, I swear I gained at least a pound from eating all the yummy food and cookies. In March the dragon boating team started to practice on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday in the Willamette. Then we had our first race in Olympia WA we got first in the junior division. Lets see... hmmm... we also raced in the Rose festival in Portland OR and also got first in the high school division. At end the year I stressed my self out with finals but it was all worth it because summer is here.
Its going to be a interesting summer...
Vanessa (;

Friday, June 6, 2014

Almost Out

Four more school days until I'm out of school! Only four! Three short days and one normal school day! I'm so excited to start my summer vacation I have been waiting for June 12th since the start of school (which was September 4th). 
My summer vacation starts off with me being pretty busy though. The day after school gets out I'll be heading to Washington for my cousins graduation. That's a five to six hour drive from Portland... It's going to be a long car ride.  Once we get there we go strait to the graduation... I heard it might be a four hour thing... Fun fun. :P Anyways, then we stay in Washingtion for a night and get back early the next day to make it to dragon baiting practice. After that I get three days to rest and on the day of my birthday I head down to Canada for a dragon boating race. The team and I will stay in Canada for four days... Yuuup that's my busy three weeks after school ends... I'm looking forward to it though because I think it should be a lot of fun! 
Have a great day!, 

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