Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Day

 I started off my day getting out of bed and almost falling due to dizziness and then getting to school on time but 15 minutes late compared to my usual time of 7:05. Anyways l meet one of my favorite people when l got to school and sat with them for about 10-15 minutes. It was nice even though that person thought it was horrible that I had to "put up" with the people they sit with. It actually is never as bad as they think. I thought the people they sit with are funny and entertaining. Funny how people make assumptions. After that I went to Spanish and ranted on about annoying people in every freaking class. Then I sat through a long hour of history and did a quick, joyful speech in front of the class. After that l felt like I was going to die because of dizzyness and l texted my mom to pick new up. Left around 11:39 and my dad and I bought ginger and made me ginger tea and soda. So nice of him! I love my dad! Let's see then he left and l made granola and went to watch the fosters great show by the way my favorite. After a few hours of that I went out side and found my neighbors two girls of the age of 12 we all played basketball until the rain came down. Later me and one of the girls went to the common house and painted our nails, mine are painted with starts and she had pink nails. We ate dinner together with the community and then l went home to write and listen to a alubum a friend wanted me to listen to. Then I went to bed and fell asleep while texting 

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