Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Morning!

Good Morning! How did everyone sleep? Good I hope I know that I slept pretty great. Today I thought would try waking up a lot earlier than normal just so that I can have a peaceful and non rushed morning. Ussally my mornings are pretty rushed wake up at 6:35, get dressed real fast, brush my hair, wander to the kitchen , realize I have no time for breakfast, hurry bag to the bath room, put on makeup every quickly, brush my teeth, and head out the door. Mornings like this are not my favorite and this week I wanted to start off on a very positive note. So here I am up at 5:27!  

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Plan

"I'm going to graduate high school then go to El Salvador for 6 months to learn Spanish when I get back here I'll get a job and save up money while going to a two year school to get the basic classes out of the way. After that I'm moving into a studio and going to school for photography when I finish school I'm opening my own clothing/photography studio. Oh! And while all this Ill still be blogging." My mom looks at me like lm crazy when l tell her my after high school plan. I think she was a bit surprised that I have it down to the most basic details. I have hopes for after l finish high school, I want to end up somewhere and at this point I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to get there because I believe it will happen.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Day

 I started off my day getting out of bed and almost falling due to dizziness and then getting to school on time but 15 minutes late compared to my usual time of 7:05. Anyways l meet one of my favorite people when l got to school and sat with them for about 10-15 minutes. It was nice even though that person thought it was horrible that I had to "put up" with the people they sit with. It actually is never as bad as they think. I thought the people they sit with are funny and entertaining. Funny how people make assumptions. After that I went to Spanish and ranted on about annoying people in every freaking class. Then I sat through a long hour of history and did a quick, joyful speech in front of the class. After that l felt like I was going to die because of dizzyness and l texted my mom to pick new up. Left around 11:39 and my dad and I bought ginger and made me ginger tea and soda. So nice of him! I love my dad! Let's see then he left and l made granola and went to watch the fosters great show by the way my favorite. After a few hours of that I went out side and found my neighbors two girls of the age of 12 we all played basketball until the rain came down. Later me and one of the girls went to the common house and painted our nails, mine are painted with starts and she had pink nails. We ate dinner together with the community and then l went home to write and listen to a alubum a friend wanted me to listen to. Then I went to bed and fell asleep while texting 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Evaluations in Spanish

Nothing better than sitting through 20-35 long minutes of going over Spanish homework. You have the teacher who is really into it and doesn't notice that everyone in her class are either not listening or on there phones watching videos on vine. Then we have the sleepers who fall asleep after a few minutes and get poked around by the obnoxious child like teen next to them. We also have the kid who has to make everything and I mean EVERYTHING into a joke.
Teacher: Get out your homework and start the warm up.
That ONE kid: Okay I got it! Sings a little I'm getting my home work.. 🎤 oh wait... Yea haha screw home work l didn't do it! Okay la de da de da warrrmmm upppp. Shit! I don't have a pencil.... Kate do you have a pencil I could sure use one from you .. ;) 
Can we just stop right there... Please. 
Now we skip all the way down or up... The rainbow and we fall at the pot of gold. This girl always looks like she stepped out of a movie. Perfect hair, clothes, smile, teeth, face, voice, eyes, makeup, you name it it's all there. The only thing that's not there is her self confidence 
Me: You look nice today :)
Her: Nice? ... NICE?!?! That's it!?!? I knew I would look like shit today... (breaks down)... I look like crap ... I'm not pretty... 
At this point you have to sit and listen to her sob and complain about how ugly and fat she is for the rest of the class. Your just better off not saying a word. We also know about that girl who is over dramatic about everything
Bell rings 
Girl: I'm here!!! Ugh... Just in time! She runs over to the teacher DONT MARK ME LATE! IM HERE :D 
Yea... Okay I'm tired and really not in the mood for this right now...
WAIT DO WE HAVE HOMEWORK? And the last ANNOYING TEEN. The overly smart kid. If only we didn't have this kid in our class it would be okay. 
Have a great school day :) ENJOY THE ANNOYING PEOPLE! 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Story Time

Currently lm sitting here at great wolf with a bunch and I mean a freaking large amount of children. I just listened and watched a play kinda thing were the trees talk and plastic children pop out of tree stumps. Now l am listening to some guy, who looks like a Chris, read a story to little ones again. Yep and that's that.. At least for now 

Great wolf

Hey everyone l thought l would start blogging more often about every day life! Just because it will serve later as a journal to what l did each year, month, week, and day. :) anyways so keep checking my blog daily for updates and what not. 
I will be blogging none stop for a while so WARNING expect 3-19372946282 posts each day :D

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