Friday, December 19, 2014

At Last... It's Friday!

    It's Friday finally! And for a lot of you that means after today is over with winter break starts! The fun begins after a long week of school. I'm looking forward to getting more sleep during break and spending time with my family, of course. Oh! And being able to post more! All good things that come with having two weeks off.
    Today though... It's going to be... interesting? I have four classes today and I'm not doing a lot in them until I get to history. Math in the morning but I'll be studying for my history test while people retake a test. Then in Photography I'll also be studying for history while I edit photos in Photoshop. At lunch time... Guess what I'm doing? Yep, eating lunch and cramping last minute test info into my head as well as the girls I sit with who are taking the test as well. Then history comes around and I turn in the study guide I spent three hours working on last night and five in the morning. I have never felt so prepared for a history test. Anyways, then I take the test and later go to T.A. After all that I get out of school!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


    As if putting up the ornaments on the Christmas tree wasn't enough the first time my sister had to take all them down and put up a set of ones that looked like icicles and crystals. We put up our ornaments the first Sunday of December which was the seventh. Doing that always happens to be the most time consuming thing. We have about three boxes filled with ornaments our family has gotten as gifts, brought, or made over the years. Non of them really go together but it works since it's all Christmas stuff. This year all the Santa ornaments didn't fit on the tree so, we had to put some of them aside. The dog tried to eat the homemade ginger bread ornament we made years ago, and I mean years ago... I'm surprised the cookie ornament is still looking well and "alive". As much fun as it is looking at all the ornaments and putting them on the tree it just takes to much time.
   After we had put all the ornaments of the tree, a few days later my mom told us her customer gave her a box of glass icicles to put on our tree while she was out of town. My mom was complaining that she wouldn't have time to put them on the tree then take a photo to send her customer.
   So, when my sister and I stayed home and had to clean the house my sister decided to take down all the ornaments and put the icicles on the tree. It took her a while but she finished and my mom was pretty trilled. Later that night my mom says that we should take the icicles down, put up the our ornaments and put the icicles back on the tree for new years. Crazy right.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

School and Positivity

    I feel like it has been a while since I have last posted. For this reason I would like it to be summer but, Winter Break is coming up for me soon. Hopefully I will get some time to write down thoughts and what I am doing more often. I need more time to do things I like to do. It seems like teachers always like to give you extra work before a break and then, if your lucky, a little homework during break.
    I have this week and next week until I get off to break. That's a total of eight school days, doesn't seem that bad but doesn't it always feel like the days get longer and longer the closer you get to break? Isn't it weird how that happens? I like to relate this to new years eve, to me it feels like that last few minutes of the year last a long time. Anyways, eight school days! Doesn't seem that bad yet but I really want my break and I have a feeling my teachers are going to give me extra work right before break. I just have a feeling about that. 
    Ten minutes until school officially starts. In this case I really wish I had more time to just sit here and type. I'm hoping to make the best of this day and stay positive through out it. "Think positive and things will happen" I think this is a good quote to keep in mind. Its not going to help in any way to be negative about things but staying positive should. Try to find the good in the bad and don't let the bad drag you down.
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Putting Up The Christmas Tree

    The one and only Christmas Tree I have ever spent Christmas with. Ever since I was little my family has put up a huge seven foot tall Christmas Tree up. It's fake tree which, I know doesn't sound very nice, but when you have grown up with the same Christmas Tree being put up every year you become attached to the tree. My dad bought the Christmas Tree when he moved to San Francisco in 1989 according to my mom so the tree has somewhat of a history. It's an old tree. It really is something to know you have grow up with the same Tree and I haven't realized that until now. The tree is traditional.
    Tonight we (my mom, sister and, I) put up the Christmas Tree. We started with three working on a tree and then somehow I got left finishing the lights. My mom started with the base of the tree. It's a medal base and for some reason it was a pain to put in this year. She managed after a while of fumbling. While she did that I stared to unfold the prickly branches, after about 15 minutes Lauren, my sister joined in. She helped me unfold about ten branches then we took turns putting them onto the tree. About half way up the tree, the branches getting smaller, we noticed that our mom tip toed away. As I write this I question how we didn't notice she wasn't helping us with the branches. In fact I don't recall her even laying a finger on one. So, we finish the tree and take a break. At about 10:30pm we decided to put the lights on the tree, me and Lauren test out the lights, they all work, and I go in circles stringing the lights to the tree. While I was doing that my sister gets a medium-sized A-Frame latter. It was nice she brought that but there was no was the latter would fit in the back corner. We put our tree in a corner leaving little space to get around it. Sorry I didn't explain that sooner. Anyways, since I'm a few inches over five feet I could somewhat mange to get the lights up... Two feet difference ... Didn't think about that. Where was I? Oh! Right! Lauren brings a latter after seeing I can manage to get the lights on top of the tree. I go around multiple times, my mom tells me to do it another way so I don't get dizzy, I like my was better and I finish decorating the Christmas Tree.
    It's currently 12:16pm my mom went to bed at 11:40. She never goes to bed that late. Well, late for her. I thought I would be able to post this before 12:00 (I stared writing at 11:45) I wanted to have the right date but there are just to many precious details I want to remember. I really also like writing things out too, like spending time alone it's a good way to look back and think. I'm off topic. Now 12:24 and I'm going to head to go to sleep.
Goodnight! Happy December 1st!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quick Hello

    Hi everyone! I hope the start of your weekend is going well! Feels like a while since I have blogged but its really only been a couple days. Sorry about that!
    School is getting more busy and I am finding myself needing more time alone.
    Sometimes it's just really nice to have time alone and not have to think about the world and everyone who's constantly asking for something. Time alone allows you to think about stuff you normally don't think about when you are around a lot of people. Something I really like about spending time alone is that you can focus more on what you are thinking and how you feel. If you haven't gotten the point already it's that you can think when your alone. I think I just said that in each sentence I wrote... Sorry :P
    Anyways just a quick little hello and a short goodbye.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Weather Freak Out

   Recently it has been really cold and windy in Portland and my phone has been blowing up with weather alerts. Right now it is about 29 degrees Fahrenheit but, the wind makes it feel a lot more cold than it really is. Yesterday, I checked the weather and saw that we had a 90% chance of snow in the morning. The weather app I have was right. It started to snow around 5-5:30...ish this morning. Portland schools are usually pretty jumpy about snow, they need to make sure they will be able to get their students to school and back home safely. So, with that being said I checked the school website and saw that our district had a two hour delay. I went back to sleep and woke up around 7:30, checked the website again, and saw they had canceled school today. I was pretty happy about that and so I slept until 10 which I almost never do. Funny thing was when I woke up there wasn't even an inch of snow of the ground... we freak out right when we see a single snow flake... it's kinda funny. It wasn't a pretty day though. There was rain, ice, hail, and lots of wind which made for pretty gross weather. Mmhmm... so I don't know where I am going anymore with this so I am ending this post here.
Hopefully the weather gets better,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


   Portland, Oregon is my favorite. If you don't know already and you probably don't since I haven't mention this on my blog (I know this for a fact. I just read all 68 posts of mine.) I don't want to move out of Portland ever. In other words I love Portland way to much to move to another city... I promise you I am not crazy for making such a big decision at such a young age.

Things I like about Portland:
-There is always something to do. Seriously, there is always something happening in Portland. From things like the blues festival to random events.
-The skyscrapers. They are amazing and there are so many of them. End of story.
-Trees and nature. I am pretty sure that Portland is the most green city in the United States... I could be wrong so don't quote me on this. Anyways!, naturally we have a lot of places to go hiking and trees are everywhere.
-The weather. Most people I know hate Portland weather but I like it. I like that it rains a lot in Portland. Funny thing is Portland is thought to be one of the cities that gets the most rain but in reality we aren't even on the top ten cites that rain the most.
-People! Can't forget the people of Portland. I love the people of Portland; they bring the whole city together. I like the people here because most of them are super friendly and are also pretty interesting.
-The city is easy to get around... it may not seem like it at first but after a while of living here you learn the layout.

Things I like to do in Portland:
-Dragon boat! Did you guess this? I love going out with my team and paddling in the Willamette for about an hour or two. 
-Hiking. I use not like hiking and walking around Portland due to my dad who took my sister and me hiking every time we saw him but I have to say I kind of miss that. Got to get some more hiking in.
-Taking photos. Another obvious thing I like doing in Portland. 
-Explore... like this isn't obvious but I am going to say it anyways.

Places you have to go to in Portland:
Pioneer Square 
-Pioneer Courthouse Square. This is just a lovely place to take a break.
Willamette River
-The Willamette or the Water front. Great place for picture talking and walking around
Google didn't have a good picture of my favorite place to eat but this is the "walk way" it is on.
-Little River cafe. I go here pretty often when my sister and me are in the area.
The zoo
Zoo lights... cool, right?
-The Zoo! You just have to go here. I just remembered they have zoo lights in December and I got excited. If you don't know what zoo lights is it is when the zoo decorates everything in Christmas lights.
This is the view from the mansion...
...And  this is the mansion 
-Pittock Mansion. The view from here is pretty great and you can hike up to it from the zoo.
*Disclaimer- All the photos used above are not mine.*

These are just a few places to go and a few things I enjoy doing... If I mentioned everything this would be a really long post and this is already getting kinda long but anyways there is a quick look into Portland and maybe now you might see why I made the decision to stay in the area. Oh! One more thing I'll mention that is nice about living in Portland is that from Portland you are only an hour and a half away from the beach! Isn't that a great thing? I think it is. I just love Portland.

Have a good day!,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blogging Life Back On Track (:

My life is complete.
   I got the blogger app again which means I will be able to blog more often... I question why I even deleted the app in the first place... Oh wait, it was because I wrote something kinda long on my phone a while ago and then forgot the silly app doesn't save automatically so I deleted the app in total frustration. Yeah, probably and most definitely not the best choice I have made but hey, the app and I are back together now! Yay for that!
So here is a small update on my life:
  I am back to posting things like I use to. If you have been following me for a while or just looking back at my older posts you'll find that posts back then were a little more personal and on a complete different level of happiness. ANYWAYS I am back to joyful blogging... I hope.
   If you don't know already my mom, sister, and I are looking for a new car. Our little old red station wagon said it was done with long trips when we took it to Washington in July for a dragon boating competition. Sadly we had to sell the car I had grown up with and now we are looking for a new car. It hasn't been to much fun let me tell you. I am to the point where if my mom tries to talk about another car she thinks she is buying I won't listen. I swear I am not trying to be mean it's just that I truly can not listen to it any longer. Hope we get a car soon.
   I'm trying to get back to running daily. I know, I know. I say that all the time on here but I got sick and could not run for a week (*cough cough* Excuses!...*cough*) and now I am getting back to running. Fun fact! Did you know that running only five minutes a day will lower chances of a heart attack by 65%?
   And last update I can think of off the top of my mind is that my mom wants to start clean eating. If you don't know what it is... Google it!!! I am currently to lazy to explain it.
Until tomorrow!,
Vanessa (:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Not Seeing It

   Lately I have been looking back at the things I write on my blog and I have to say I haven't liked what I have written the past month. That's all I have to say.

Friday, November 7, 2014


    Sunday! Sunday was such a busy day for me. After Halloween and Car Shopping on Saturday there was nothing else I wanted to do more on Sunday than sit around at home and finish the blog post I started on Sunday but posted on Monday because I was to busy on Sunday (Get Fit #2). Note the rambling here.
    Because of the time change I wasn't aware of, I woke up at seven on Sunday very confused. I had a long restful morning and just as I was in the middle of writing a post my mother tells me that we have to go visit friends that are visiting our friends! Really mom... Now?
    Our friends were an older couple visiting from Canada and we needed to say hello to them. We drove about 15 minutes to where they were staying. We greeted them with warm smiles, many hugs, and surprised them with lunch that my mom had spent three hours making. After talking for a while we ate and later I got to take pictures of everyone (My favorite part of seeing them)
    Afterwards, my mom, moms friend, and I drove to the Crystal Ballroom in Portland to celebrate the day of the dead. This is the part which I got dragged to. I didn't want to go but I am a little glad I went because I did get some pretty cool photos. A lot of the music that was played had to do with the dead since the day of the dead is all about remembering loved ones.
    Anyways, I was up until 11:30pm and super tired when I got home. Thats the long story short of what happened on Sunday.
Talk to you guys soon. I have a four day weekend this week so I'll try to post a little more.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Here are a few photos I have taken the past couple of weeks.

All the pictures above were taken while my dad, sister and I went camping at the coast. I really like the sunset pictures where the clouds reflect the light from the sunset. These pictures were so fun to take. Let me tell you. I think one of the things I like about taking photos is that you can keep the memories vivid in your mind. 
This was taken while I was at the dentist. Apparently Im not eligible to go to that dentist since I don't have any major things that need to be fixed. No cavities. :)
This was used for photography class as  well as a few others on here. Took forever to figure out how to edit it. Couldn't decide how I wanted the photo to look. 

Beach photos from about three weeks ago? I don't know it was a while ago but I have been loving sunset and sunrise photos. Hoping to take more this week but I'll probably just be at home, hiding from the world... Oh wait homecoming. Besides that I'll be inside doing nothing. 


Laughing Randomly

   Your sitting somewhere with your family and friends and your slowly starting to get bored. So, your mind starts to wander and before you know it you just thought of something really funny. You now laugh out loud and everyone looks your way and asks why your laughing. Stopping your self from laughing and being short of breath you say I thought of something funny. NOW your family or maybe even your friends give you the yeah right look as they fire looks saying she is crazy back and fourth when you look like your not looking.
   And get this. When they do the same thing (Laughing because they though of something funny) they don't seem to have a problem with it. But if you ever do it, your crazy. End. Of. Story. 
   Family and Friends can be so judgmental sometimes. 
Have a good week!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


New post coming soon! So sorry for the wait. Life is getting busy busy busy. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Music Monday!

Yes... this is kinda summer sounding but I still love it. I have been in a surfing mood lately, I have watched two movies about surfing. I guess I miss summer.
This song... I love it. The song alone is amazing and with the video... perfection. I danced to this before.
Fast Car is also an amazing song to listen to in the fall. It's just a great song with good lyrics.
If you want some indie feel good music... this song is for you! Its such a good song and I listen to it all the time. Its on my Spotify play list.
Here is more indie up beat music. Kids of 88 is a great music band (I think they are a band) This song is a little funny so I wouldn't pay to much attention to the lyrics... but of course now that I said that your going to pay attention huh.
I can't get over this song. It sums up what kind of music I'm always listening to.

Funny story... thought I would share something since the music monday thing is just an easy post to put together.
   Back story: My dad knows I have a blog. I have talked and mentioned it many times... to the point where its not even funny but he has never really taken the time to read it.
   Story: I was in math today and I had just finished a test and was on my phone relaxing after the stressful test, I don't like tests, all of sudden I kinda jump due to my phone vibrating in my hand. I had revived a text from my dad asking for my blog URL... well thats weird. I sent him an attack text asking why he wanted it and to my surprise he said that is girl friend had read and liked something I wrote about the trip we took to the beach. So I sent him the URL but that was just a funny moment... Should be captioned when your parents want to read your blog... attack them with the question WHY!?
Have a good day! Hello to my dad or his girl friend if your reading this.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


   I have been at the beach house my dad's friend owns since about five yesterday and today is kinda just a chill out day... or at the moment. The weather isn't so nice so I'm staying inside right now hoping that the clouds will clear and the wind will stop but knowing the beaches in Oregon it will take a while for that to happen. 
   While I'm waiting I'm just chilling around the beach house and being lazy. I am dressed in a sweater and the ripped jeans which I have been loving. It's just fun to chill I'm listening to my favorite playlist and sitting in a really comfy couch. Life's good. All I need now is something to drink like vanilla coke which by the way doesn't taste like vanilla at all....and trust me I would know since I have a slight vanilla obsession. 
   Why not talk about that for a little. It started when I was younger I didn't like chocolate ice cream and to this day I still prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate. Then a friend gave me a vanilla lip balm and so on. I had a really good vanilla scented perfume but I ran out of that... need to get some other vanilla perfume now. I also kinda like the cream color of vanilla I would paint my room that color with a bit of lavender if I could...
   Anyways... we will see what today brings.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Random Acts Of Kindness

   According to urban dictionary kindness is no longer existent. WOW. I mean I understand where they get this from it's really hard to find a kind person in this generation. People are too focused on themselves to be kind to another person. People used to be so sweet but now it's hard to find a person who is willing to help other people... and when you do find that person they tend to not stick around for long or it seems that way to me.
   Anyways, I think we should start being kind to one another and help the word kindness pop up more in today's society. So here is what we're going to do... SPREAD THE KINDNESS and we will do this by RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.
   Here is my idea:
Start a blog challenge and award bloggers who enter with a kindness award!
Sooo let's get started with spreading the KINDNESS!

Random acts of kindness challenge:
   Okay, here are the rules to be award with the KINDNESS award. (There is a badge I'll give out to you girls once you accept the challenge!)

1. Answer five kindness questions
A. How do you define kindness?
B. What does kindness look like to you?
C. What is the kindest thing someone has done for you?
D. What is the kindest thing you have done for someone?
E. What's one thing you will do to spread the kindness?

2. Go out there and be kind! Try to do three little random acts of kindness and tell us what you did.

3. Pledge to be a kinder person by putting your name below.
Ex. Name and blog
Natalie ~thekinderblog.blogsspot.lll

4. Nominate four bloggers for the kindness award by commenting on there blog with a complement and a link to this page

And once you have done these four things the last thing you have to do is email me so I can send you a personalized kindness badge with your name on it!

Thanks girls!,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things I like...

   This is an all time favorite thing and always has been a favorite thing of mine. I love the surprised feeling you get when you reach into the mailbox and pull out a letter with your name on it. Nothing better than that feeling; I love the fact that someone has put in there time to write and send you the letter. I think now a days letters have more value because not a lot of people send them any more, we are to caught up in sending cute texts and emails. Although they are nice (emails and long texts) letters are just so much more sentimental and sweet.
   Recently I have been writing letters to my friend in Austria. We met about five months ago and now we are sending each other letters across the country! I sent her the first one and she sent me one back and to this day we are still in shock that we have mailed each other letters. I am writing a few more pages for the next letter and I will send it later but I'm kinda stuck on what to say... I have said so much already. Her letters are so sweet and sometimes I feel as if her English and spelling is better than mine.
   I also had a conversation with a friend of mine about letters. We both think they are special and definitely worth the time you put into writing them. Also they are always a surprise but I have said that a lot already, huh. Letters are just great...
Write something!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Photo Inspiration

   I have been following msconfused on instagram for quite a while now and I am proud to say she is my all time favorite photo crush. Her work really inspires me to look at the world in a different way and take photos that have a meaning behind them. A lot of her work is about things that bother her or things that have happened to her. 
   This photo is captioned shocking news and as you can imagine she also received shocking news.  She wrote "I had just received shocking news and then sorta laid on my bed for an hour like f everything I'm done"

   In this photo all the colors in the background are warmer colors and blurred out into dots of light. The dandelion is at the front right and is black which makes it stand out in the warm colors but at the same time it also bends in. The dandelion is the most important part of the photo. I feel like msconfused probably used a Marco lens to get this photo. The photo was probably also taken at sunset or sunrise when the skies colors are the most vivid. 

This photo brings so many feeling and thoughts to my mind. It's captioned "Well I'm sorry, Mr. Gullible, but lying is all I've learned. So be concerned" To me this picture has a sad mood. I feel sad that she has to hide what she is taking and that lying is all she has learned. People do learn how to lie but some people have bigger things they lie about. I feel like msconfused is trying to tell us how messed up the world can be but also having us think about the trouble she will get into.... I just like msconfused's work.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye August

   I'm going to miss August and all the things that came with it. I feel that August was defiantly a month for exploration; I went many places in my thoughts and in the world. It was also a month where things I thought were make-believe became reality. I feel like I'm now ready to conquer the school year and all the obstacles that come with it.
   Exploration has always fascinated me but this month I discovered that along with exploring the world you can also explore your thoughts and emotions too. This month I came to the realization that I really love my own company. Don't get me wrong I do love others company but I feel that being in my company is better for thinking and of course blogging. I just enjoy the peacefulness in being quiet. Emotions of mine got sorted this month too; I figured out how I feel about things that are often discussed and people. Enough said there.
   I also did explore a lot of places in this beautiful world of ours. I went to the Columbia Gorge quite a few times to explore the water falls. The beauty of something so simple is amazing. Towards the end of August I went fishing with a few of my friends on the dragon boating team. We went to a beautiful place called Estacada. I also went to Council Crest for a little with a friend to take pictures, that was fun. One of the last places I went, or was dragged to, was back to Estacada. My mom, moms friend, sister, and I went on a half day road trip which was nice but painful since I had a headache from the start of the day. In the long run of it all I had such a good time getting to explore many places in August.
   Unfortunately, my life has hit a sad turning point and I'm realizing that what I thought was make-believe is becoming reality. On July 14th my family of three (my mom, sister, and I) received a letter from our landlord saying that she wanted her place back because she is moving back in. The letter came without notice and shocked all of us. Our landlord is giving us until Oct. 7th to move out of the place that was just becoming home to me. I thought that it would be a while before we started moving but, before I knew it all of us were packing boxes and moving those boxes that were filled with the living room, bed rooms, kitchen, and bathroom into a storage unit. I am still in complete shock.
   On the last day of August, which was yesterday, I received a letter from a friend that in an odd since I wasn't sure was real. Although we texted all the time and Skyped it was hard to feel more than the connection between the screen. But, she sent me a letter after I sent her one and I have come to the realization she is more than just a friend online. It was a great was to end August!
   Now, it is September and I am two days away from starting up the school year again. I am a little worried about my Junior year of high school but I am hoping for the best this year. I'm hoping that it's not to painful having to move, that I will still go many places, that I will make new friends, good health, and so much more. I'm hoping for the best in this life where everyone goes through many ups and downs.
Goodbye August...Hello September,

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Losing Loved Ones

   It's always really hard to lose someone that is close to you. I have had quite a few experiences where I have lost family and friends. Losing someone is almost always like getting punched in the gut. It's all of a sudden and unexpected, hurts a lot, and for seconds to minutes you can't breath or think.
   People look at losing someone like it is a sad thing, which it is but we should also try to look at death in a positive or even uplifting way. I'm sure that the person you love would much rather you smile then cry for them. 
   Question is, how can something so sad and heart breaking be turned into something uplifting? Focus on all the good things. You have shared and created many memories with this loved one that you will always have to cherish. Maybe it's running around the forest with them or a joke they told you, whichever memories you shared together you will always have those to look back on. I'm sure that you have learned many things from them that will help you succeed in life, be grateful they were there to teach/show you what they know. Perhaps this special person inspired you to try something new or play an instrument (something along those lines) be grateful for that too! Just be grateful that you had the chance to know and share memories with this person. 
   Something else to think about is that now this loved one is now, hopefully, at peace. They are in a place where they are welcomed to be as happy as possible... If you believe in this kind of afterlife. They may also be reunited with another passed away love one. You should be happy for them, that they are in peace now. 
   There are so many ways to look at death happily rather than focusing on the sad stuff and the main detail that they are not here anymore. These are just a few ways to get you thinking about it. I'm sorry for the many of you that have gone through losing loved ones. Try to be happy and positive about it though. (:
With much love,

For the curious... this is me thinking about what to write. I pre-wrote this post while at the Doctors. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Liebster Award

Liebster Award
   Thanks to the writer of Diary of an Unpopular Teen I have been nominated for the Liebster award! Thank you so much! This means a lot to be to know that people think about my blog. 
   This award is nominated to blogs who have under 200 follows and is a fairly new blog!
If you get nominated here is what you will need to do. 
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions they have for you
  • Nominate some new bloggers to win the award (they must have under 200 followers and it cannot be the person you nominated you)
  • Give them 11 fun questions to answer and make sure to contact them
   Here are the questions from the writer of Diary of an Unpopular Teen:
1) What is your favorite hobby?
Dragon Boating! I don't even have to think about this one... I just love it so much. 
2) Name three adjectives that describe you perfectly.
Caring, Passionate, and fun-loving 
3) Where do you see your self in five years from now?
Well, I would be 22 years old. I think I would be out of school and finally self employed. I'll for sure still be blogging, photo taking and dragon boating. I kinda want to teach little kids to dance or have a photo studio. 
4) What's one of the scariest things you have ever experienced?
I think it would have to be seeing how people live in another country and it scares me how spoiled we are to live in this amazing country. 
5) If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
Ummm that is hard to answer because there are people I want to see but also places I want to go to. Iceland is somewhere I have wanted to go and Cali because I need to see my family.
6) If you could have any power you wanted, what would it be?
Omnilingualism! The ability to speak any language you want.
7) What's your favorite movie?
Mrs. Doubtfire
8) Do you like doing sports or art?
I like both. Dragon Boating and coloring... heh like the kind where you have to color in a coloring book
9) Why did you create this blog?
A while back (two years from now) I started a fashion blog because I had a supervised study in freshman year... Wait!... I have been blogging all of high school! I love that fact! Thank you for asking this Iam!
10) Are you more introverted or extroverted?
Introverted! In case you haven't noticed I feel like a lot of bloggers are like this. Don't get me wrong I love to party but I enjoy my alone time too!
11) If you could wish for anything what would it be?
I think it would just be to have a happy life and me surrounded by people who love me for who I am. 

Now, here are my questions for you if your nominated:
1)What is your dream job?
2)Why is blogging important to you?
3)What is your family like?
4)Who's your favorite person?
5)When do you think you'll be the most confident with your self?
If you haven't noticed I am saying who, what, when, where and why... oh silly me. 
6) Are you going to keep blogging?
7) What's your perfect guy like?
8) Favorite thing to do on a perfect day?
9) What are your friends like?
10) Are you ready for school to start?
11) What is your biggest goal/hope in life?

I nominate... drum roll please...
Adi: Babblelist
Dayana: Dayana
Emily: Lynde Avenue
Madeline: In The Wind
Sammie: stargirls  I would have nominated you but you have been awarded it already! 
Wow.. Long post, no? It was fun answering the questions! Thanks again!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Field and Bio!

I'm SOOOO excited I get to meet people on the 28th who will be in my field and Bio class this year! I applied to this class because I thought that it would be wonderful to get out of school and go outdoors while learning Bio! Plus I'll be meeting some pretty cool people... I hope (I have a good feeling) from different high schools... New people thank the lord! Sunset people can be kinda suck up... like seriously chill out. Tomorrow at 5:30 though! I'll let you guys know how it goes tomorrow!
Have a great rest of the night,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day Of Sch-

   I can't even say the word school right now. Wait... I just did, okay never mind that. But anyways the first day of school is always the worst for me. From the teachers to the students.
   Everyone wakes up an hour earlier than they normally would... They do this so they have extra time to look pretty for the first day then they go to looking like crap (sorry) the rest of the year. It's pretty much pointless to wear a dress, makeup, and do your nails unless you'll keep that up all year long. 
   When you finally get to school after waiting at the bus stop for 30 mins because you realized you had to much time, people ask the most annoying question ever. "What did you do over summer?!" If your at all like me summer consist of day trips and Netflix.. So you already know what ever you say will be stepped on by who ever asked you. It's almost there way of rubbing it in. Na ma I had an amazing summer and all you did was sit around * laughs and walks away while laughing * Is it at all possible not to ask this?
   Then you get to school and a bunch of people are hugging you first thing in the morning and telling you that they missed you. But if they really missed you... why didn't they text you?! Lies... Anyways you rush to your first class and the games begin.
   Teachers have you play the most stupid get to know you games. Me being a Junior still have to play these games even if I know everyone. Let me name these games:
Leap name... this is the game where you go around saying your name and something you like.
Matching index... the game where you write your name and what you like to do and people ave to guess who's card it is.
Who are you?... this is the traditional game where teachers point to you and you tell them your name...funnn
   The next worst thing is the syllabus I like to call this pointless paper a silly-bus. Its pointless the teachers make it seem golden but really all you need to do is talk to the teachers to know how your doing and how your grade is going to come out. Your lucky if your still stuck in elementary school.
   Yeah, I don't know the first few days of school are just horrible. On top of this everyone is chatting, nervous, and anxious. I hate it. I start in nine days!... great.
Have fun if your starting school!,

Friday, August 22, 2014

Working For What I Want

   I spent all of yesterday painting my moms friends house, sanding, and washing selves. Hard work for sure, although it was a little fun, we played music while we worked and talked about random stuff.
   A while earlier my friends Ian and Hellen asked me if I could go fishing with them and so I asked my mom. She doesn't like letting me go an hour away from home with friends but she told me she would think about it.
   My plan from the start was to work hard and then say I worked hard and I need a break so there forward it was a good idea to let me go fishing with my buddies.
  Well, Lemme tell you... It worked! I asked my mom, John, Ian's dad,  called, and my mom said yes.
Sooo here is what I have learned.
   If you want something you need to work hard for it.
Try it!,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesdays Update!

Well hello lovely people of the internet!
We are trying something new and doing an update Tuesday! Update Tuesday! Yay!
Okay so here is whats up:
I have been taking many pictures.
Everything photos. No joke I'm taking photos of everything and it seems to be improving my photography skills by a great amount which is perfect.

Let's see... Oh I have two bad blisters on my feet from borrowing shows and now I can't run. I'm stuck wearing sandals until they heal which is a slow thing... For feet. 

I am playing the ukeule it's sooooo much fun! I can play I'm yours, and you and I which I'll be singing for a friend tomorrow.

Moving is stupid. Moving is stupid. I hate packing! I hate it... All we need to know here! 

I can sing? Apparently...

I have ten fingers all of which I am great full for. 

I picked up my classes and photo ID today for junior year! Horry! School...

Yep that's about it, other than meeting someone super nice today while watching a dear eat from the garden.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Pool Party

Went to my first pool party yesterday. Boy was it fun! I also learned quite a few things.

Here are all the party people. This is a party for the dragon boaters and so all the guys and lady's were pretty close with each other. Which was good we had a lot of fun talking and playing volleyball as well as the game... chicken!

Im Listening to Pitbul while typing this and its making me really want to go swimming with all these cool people again. He just offended me haha. Anyways this is us playing volley ball here is Ian, Jemma, Katherine, Isaac, and ummm Him! I'm so sorry ohhh Marcus! 

This is me showing off haha. I am doing a round off on the diving bored and the whole team in being silly and Isaac.. Didn't notice him before but he is going to catch me? Funny Team I have here huh. I love each one of them so much I can not even tell you guys. 

This has been such a good year I made a slid show of our progress which you can view this down here... I think.

This is what I have been doing for the past 10 months! 
Love it,

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I was at the thrift shop and I saw a ukulele! Just the other day I was in the car with my moms friend and we were talking about how chill it would be to have one. You know just the thought of walking around playing the uke. And lucky me I found one the next day. It sat there on the wall, purple with a dolphin on it. I bought if for 35 dollars; I was pretty happy about that deal.
I have been learning to play a few songs and each one is super easy. I think I have I'm Yours down pretty well. Its just been really fun.
Here is the link to a small part of that song.
Anyways. I'm enjoying it!
Also if any of you have Spotify, I have made a really good play list called teenage crime which is worth checking out. You can look it up by putting   spotify:user:thymoonseeker    in the search box. Tell me what you think of it if you do take a look at it (:

Monday, August 11, 2014

My Biggest Fear

Not being able to see.
Out of all the things I can fear this is most feared. People take seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and so many other things for granted. By realizing how bad it would be not to see I am more grateful for what I have. Seriously though how horrible would it be not to see color and emotion? I feel so bad for people who are born not being able to see. I wish everyone could be blessed to see. It really is a blessing! And for all of my readers who have good health, bad health sound be a fear of yours! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

You Are A Blogger?

   People always seem to be surprised when I tell them I am a blogger. I think part of it is that people don't really expect me to be the writing type since I hate writing stuff for school. Maybe its the way I dress. I have this simple yet wild fashion since which isn't to bold for bloggers...I feel like bloggers have a good fashion sense so people may be surprise because of that. Whatever it's quite amusing actually.
   I think next year, just to get a laugh out of it, I'm going to try to be the girl with a blog.

Jake: What hobbies do you have?
Me: I'm a blogger.
Jake: *Surprised* Seriously?
Me: Yep.
Jake (Two Weeks Later): Want to hang out sometime... Saturday, maybe.
Me: Oooo I can't. I have a blog to run.

Liz: Why didn't you go to homecoming?
Me: I was busy.
Liz: With what?
Me: My Blog!
Liz: Right...

In Class while teacher is giving a lecture. I'm on my phone blogging about teachers.
Teacher: Vanessa! Put your phone away!
Me: Oh sorry I was blogging.
Class (Together): Of course!

   Seriously how funny would this be? to be known as the blogger. I think I want to do it! I just need a game plan.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


   Have I mentioned that I love photography? I think that I have talked about in one of my posts but only briefly so with that being said it's probably a good time to talk about my love for picture taking.
   I have been taking pictures ever since I was little but I decided that I like it when I was about 13. I have taken pictures with a point and shoot for most of the time but about a year and a half ago I got my first DSLR. I take pictures with the Nikon D3200. I love this camera. I can not tell you how much... its my baby so handle it with care and if you break it I'll kill you... or something very close to that.
   There is just something about taking pictures that I love. I'm not sure what it is but its something. Maybe its the fact that I can have a reminder of a memories forever. It might even be the sound the camera makes when you hit the shutter button. I honestly have no idea why I love picture taking so much but there is just something about it.
   In a way I am a weird photographer. You know how the photographer tells the models to smile big? Well, when I'm taking a picture it's almost always the other way around. I tend to smile while I'm taking pictures of people... I'm a happy photographer.
   I'll share more about this later. If you want to see some of the pictures I have taken follow me on Instagram @thymoonseeker

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Be Anoying

Hello Lovelies!
Today I'm going to be teaching you how to be annoying! Now why would I be doing this? Well... this is a life skill and it will save you from having to talk to people you don't like or people you are avoiding or in other words people that you don't want to like you.
Here are a few things you can do! 
  • Use like a lot. This always gets on peoples never because it makes you sound like a valley girl. " And I was like at the park and like this guy came up to me and like he asked for my number so like I gave it to him and he was like thanks cutie and I like didn't know what to say like OMG."
  • Spam people. This can easily get annoying to people if they are busy or sleeping and they hear a buzz.. and another buzz... and 20 more after that... then they read their text and its just the letters A to Z
  • Be loud and have a fake obnoxious laugh... or just be obnoxious. I know for a fact that most people can get easily annoyed by people who act like this. So put on that fake smile and start being super obnoxious and if your not sure how to do that Google it!
  • Chew with your mouth open and make sure to slurp whatever you are drinking. Hello, how annoying is this... I mean have some manners we are eating. 
  • Stop walking in the middle of the street/hallway if your at school. Your walking and all of a sudden the person in front of you stops walking, you try to stop but you can't and you end up crashing into them... really? Out of all the places to stop... you stop here?
  • Be boring. In other words don't think of things to talk about and don't be funny. Probably best to use as few words as possible to bore people. Person: "How was your day?" You: "Eh." Person: " I went to the mall the other day and I shopped for five hours it was crazy... I saw Bob and he said..." You: "Nice." They just told you a whole story that took them ten minutes to explain and all you say is nice. 
  • If your trying to annoy a guy. Never text first. Don't start a conversation with them, make them start one with you and once they do don't say a lot.
  • If you are on the phone with someone or on Skype with them breath into the phone/microphone... tapping also works. 
  • Last but not least... ask if your annoying a lot. "Am I annoying you?" "Is this annoying?" "I think I'm being annoying... Am I?" 
I almost want to guarantee doing some or all of these things will get on peoples nerves at one point or another... but it just depends on how well you can pull this off. Good Luck! 
If you can think of any other things that you find annoying feel free to comment. I would love to hear about more annoying things!
Have a good day! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Little About Me

Hello fellow readers! Thank you so much for reading my blog!
Here is a small update:
The last few days I have been working on my blog like crazy. As you can see I have a new blog layout. Took me about five hours to construct a blog design I like but I really like how it turned out. I also spent a good amount of time getting to know other bloggers and exchanging buttons. A big thanks and hug goes out to all of you who exchanged buttons with me. I have been getting amazing comments from my readers and yesterday I had over 70 page views which makes me happy because my blog is not well known and it tells me all my hard work is paying off... but enough of that.

I thought it would be nice for all my readers to get to know me a little better. Sooooo I thought it would be fun to answer 25 random questions about me. Enjoy.

1. Do you have any pets?
Yep, I have a dog. She is a small cocker-spaniel named Aluchi.

2. Name three things that are physically next to you?
Boxes... I am currently moving into a different house. Lava plant. I think that's what its called. Picture frames. Pictures are very important to me and so there are defiantly a lot of them around the house.

3. What's the weather like right now?
Its sunny! Its been a really nice day sunny with a little wind.

4. Do you drive?
Nope! I'm to scared to drive... its a fear of mine.

5. What time did you wake up this morning?

6. When was the last time you showered?
Last night. I shower at night.

7. What was the last movie you saw?
Parent Trap. Its one of my favorites.

8. What does the last text you sent say?
"Just message me when you are free. I like talking with you too!"

9. What is your ringtone?
*Gasp* I don't have a phone.

10. Have you ever been to a different country?
Yep! I went to El Salvador for two months during the school year when I was a freshman. Doing that totally messed up my grades. Ooops...

11.Do you like Sushi?
Yes. I love Sushi

12. Where do you buy your groceries?
Nope. But I make the list!

13. Have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep faster?

14. How many siblings do you have ?
One. I have a sister who is 5 years younger than me.

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses ?
Neither. But I think I would look cute in glasses

18. Do you colour your hair ?
All Natural

19. Tell me something you are planning to do today:
Well, its 9:30pm right now…

20. When was the last time you cried?
I almost cried today... I think I cried three days ago.

21. What is your perfect pizza topping?
Cheese. Simple yet yummy.

22. Which do you prefer, hamburger or cheeseburger ?
Whats the difference? Oh wait one has cheese one does not... Just kidding! Cheeseburger

23. Have you ever had an all-nighter ?
Staying up all night sitting around blogging. Yes.

24. What is your eye colour ?

25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
I don't know...
Now you know me a little better... I hope. Have a good rest of your day or night! 

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