Sunday, November 17, 2013

Your love is only as big as you love the person you hate the most

It's true let's say you hate someone you hate them with 95% of your hate and they only have 5% of your love. How can you love if you hate? How can you love someone 100% if you hate some one with 95% of you subtract 95% and you only love that person you say you love 100% you ONLU LOVE THEM 5% wow right? That's the only love you have 5%
This is why I don't hate people I don't hate I only dislike and the people I dislike I try to love becuase there is nothin else I can do. It's easyier to hate then love but it's better to love. 
I don't have time to hate people I am to busy love in ( or trying ) to love everyone around me. 
This is one of the things I believe  in the most 
Sorry I haven't posted in a while been busy with school worth it tho I have all As and Bs if you wonder :) message me or comment what you think I would love to know :) follow me in instagram @thymoonseeker  

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