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Are we there yet? Anytime I'm in the car or on the the plane this thought is constantly running though my mind. I'm always so eager to start a new adventure and create new memories. This is one of the very first parts of your vacation . Waiting for it to officially start.
   I have gone on so many vacations/ trips in the course of my life time and each place I have gone to have each made a special memory. There are way to many vacations to write about so I'll start with my two month vacation to El Salvador and I'll go from there.
   December 3rd 2012 at 5:02pm I'm at the airport boarding. 7:00pm I arrive to Miami, Florida. 12:00pm Florida time I am getting on another plane to head to El Salvador. At 2:00am I finally land in El Salvador. And So my two month journey begins.
   My journey begins on a very dusty bumping road in a car. After all most 8 hours of being on the plane this was the last thing I wanted to do. Sit in a car pretending your okay when really you could almost jump out of the car and say I think I rather walk. Unfortunately I couldn't so by the time I got to my grandmas house witch took more than an hour all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep. Anyways we finally got to my grandmas house and I meet everyone who was there to say hello at the moment. One of the things I remember was how happy people were to see my mom there eyes almost filled with joy. It was nice to see every one but after a while they noticed how tired my mom,sister, and I looked and almost sent us to bed.
   I went to a lot of different places in El Salvador one of the very first places I went to was the rio calente witch means hot river. This river I went to was so warm it was like sitting in a hot tube only nicer because you had a beautiful view. While we where there we forgot to bring water to drink witch let me tell you from my experience is very important. The warm water almost soaks the energy out of you and because of that you do become very dehydrated. Anyways when we were done we looked like a bunch of tired panting pups. Another place I went to very often was the market. The market was one of them fun places to go its so lively and wild. Definitely made some great pictures. We also went to a mall over there it's crazy some of the malls are a lot more fancy than the malls I have seen where I live. I'll have a picture to show you what I mean. Then there is my favorite place by far.
   The beach was my favorite place to go by far we went 3 times while we were over there. The first time was probably the most vivid experience it took us about one hour and 30 minutes to drive there once we were there we looked for places to stay at. Once we found the place the fun began. Me and my sister swam in the pool they had there for a while. My sister can't swim but she likes to say that she can. After we got tired of swimming we ate lunch I had fish and shared fries with everyone. It was pretty good. Later we went to the ocean to feel the sand between our toes and the warm breeze going tho are hair. The ocean water there was warm unlike here on the Oregon coast. My mom, Lauren ( my sister) and I went into the ocean.  It was so much fun to splash around in the warm salty water. It was an amazing experience to be able to let the ocean waves crash against your back with out getting shocked by how cold the water is.  Like I said we went to the beach three times and each time was wonderful. Sadly most of my trip was behind closed gates. Because of the fact the El Salvador is not the safest place to be we had to make sure we were with family members from there when we went out. But because they work most of our time spent was in the same place witch was okay for a while but after a while I got tired of being in "jail" closed off from the real world. But other than that the trip was amazing and so worth missing two months of school and having to work harder to catch up. :)
   Last summer summer of 2013 I went on 2 biggish trips. The rest were just one day trips. 
   The first I went to the beach for 4 or 5 days with my mom, Lauren, my moms friend, and her two boys ages 8 and 10. The drive there was only an hour witch was good because it's not the easiest sitting on between two brothers that seem to be constantly fitting over everything. We got to our camp site and set up our tents and my moms friends trailer. The funny thing was that it was cold there and I thought the weather would be nice but it was cold and windy and I was in shorts and a tee. From now on I have a rule that I must ALWAYS pack at least one pair of jeans. Anyways the next day I went canoeing for the first time and let me tell you that was an experience. I was getting in the canoe and my moms friend forgot to tell me that it really does matter where you step. I almost tipped over the canoe I'll just say it was pretty scary. Okay so we went down the river then it stared raining it was great... Kinda. Next day I learned how to  surf that was really fun after I got the hang of where to step and how to jump on the board and stuff. The third day there I don't really remember what we did I think we just stayed around the camp site because it was to windy to do anything else. The beach trip was really fun filled. 
   Then in August I went to Canada. My moms friends witch are older couldn't drive that far so they asked my mom to drive them there and stay with them. She said yes and my sister and I got to tag along. The drive was about 8 hours from Oregon to Canada. When we got there we went to the hotel then went to a place called Knight and Day for dinner. This place witch we ate at about 3 other times. They sever very large portions witch we didn't know the first time we were there. Sense the first time we made sure to split each plate. The next day was when the fun began. First thing we did was go to the train park. This is the reason we were in Canada the older people are members of this train park and it was the trains parks 20th anniversary. They wanted to be there to celebrate. This is not like any train park this is a train park with mini trains. Think big guys and small trains. Yep. :) We didn't do much the first day sense we got there but the next day we did.
   The third day witch was a Saturday we did what felt like a lot of things. In the morning we went to the train park so say hello to everyone then we left Ed the older man there. And the girls (My mom, sister, my moms friend and my moms friend friend who lives in Canada showed us around. Drove to one of the university there then went to catch a sea bus or the fairy. We road the sea bus to another part of Canada This was were we walked around and went to some of the cute little boutiques there. Later when we were done with looking around and buying little things here and there we went to eat lunch. We ate at a Mexican restaurant the food there was pretty yummy. Then after lunch We went back to the train park. I got to ride on more trains and after a while I learned how to drive a train. Then, the day ended and my trip was coming to an end. I meet some pretty cool/amazing people while I was there. And heard some great stories from them witch were nice to hear about. Next day It took us 10 hours to get back to Portland 2 hours gained due to passing the boarder. Crazy right. 
   So these are just a few of the trips I have been on this summer and last school year. I'm ending this now because I realize its getting super long and no one is going to want to read and more plus I don't know if I can write and more :D But if you do want to hear more about my many adventures Comment In the comment box or feel free to email me. Unfortunately I couldn't fine the pictures of the camping trip so ill post them when I find them. 
This is the Hot River. El Salvador

This is one of the malls over thee. Oh and they have a starbucks over there. El Salvador

This is A path to the beach El Salvador

The Beach and the Bridge thing that goes across is where the fisher man sell their fish. El Salvador
Beach at Sunset El Salvador
Took this is Canada while in the car. I got pretty luck to get such a good pictute

See... Big guy small train.

Have a good week!,
Lacey Starr

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