Saturday, September 28, 2013

Its amazing what you don't know.

 Just a little something I thought I would post. Kinda one of the rules I live by don't make assumptions or judge people get to know them first. :)

It really is amazing what you don't know about someone. Sometimes people ask me what I do for fun or on my free time and I tell them I blog. It's really funny because they get this super shocked look on there face. See what I mean like you would never know that I blogged unless you asked or something. I don't don't really have the blogger look so there is no way to know. What I'm trying to get to is that you shouldn't make assumptions. Just because someone is super out going and loud doesn't mean that they will go to that party everyone is going to. Or because they look big and though don't amuse that they listen to rap. It's just you never know what there story is if you know what I mean.

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