Saturday, May 19, 2018


1// Grandmas go to bed early. AND SO DO I! There isn't anything I love more than going to bed at 8:30 after a long day. THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING. This also means that Grandmas and I must stay home instead of going out with friends in order to go to bed that early. That's fine by me. I like my house. {This is the very reason my friends started calling me a grandma!} I'm Vanessa, I am also a grandma at heart. I can't wait to be an old lady.

2// We LOVE writing letters! I adore writing letters, it's one of my favorite grandma traits. I always feel like an old soul when I write letters because PEOPLE DON'T DO IT ANYMORE! I wish they did because it's so much fun writing letters back and forth instead of texting or emailing one another. I get as excited as a grandma would when she receives letters from her grandchildren who rarely ever write. (I was also that grandchild who barely sent letters to their grandma.)

3// Older folks complain about the younger generations. "What's wrong with these children?" My grandma would say. I would then roll my eyes and say, "I have no idea." As if I wasn't a part of THAT generation. There's something so comical about older people complaining about the younger generation. How they are rude and always on their phones. Also, why don't they talk?!?! The younger the generation the fewer communication skills they have. That right there is a problem. If I were to have kids I would raise them like I grew up. No internet just the woods and some walkie-talkies. I just went on a rant like a grandma would. I'm telling you it's what I do.

4// Grandma's wear colorful patterns. Ummm. 87 percent of the clothing I own has some kind of pattern to it. There's no use in wearing clothes with a solid color. It doesn't get attention. But what turns heads and makes me feel like a grandma is when I wear a patterned shirt with a wait for it... A PATTERNED SOMETHING ELSE. It's a magical thing.

5// They give unconditional love. This here is my favorite thing about grandmas. They give love no matter what. Although sometimes I can be a real downer about everything I feel that when it comes to people I can't help but love them. Even when they have said something that hurts me, or is upsetting to hear I won't hold a grudge. I will only love them more while hating that I can't be upset at them like a normal person would. BUT normal is boring, right.