Saturday, April 14, 2018


"Are you alright?"

A lady at my bus stop took a deep breath into her lungs and fixed her eyeballs higher than a person who was well would. She had flaming orange hair and a bad-ass leather jacket. As you looked closer you could see her hands with half her french nails still glued on starting to become impatient.

"Yeah, well, I mean. I am just really hungry."

I had food in my bag, "I have some snacks in my bag." I said as she started to nod.

I gave her a jar of white yams. Eating them with her fingers she thanked me.

I asked her what was going on. "I was in Portland and someone got shot and it was by me," she replied. It sounded tragic. I knew that that had to have been scary for her. I told her I was sorry and asked her if there was anything I could do. "I'm trying to get to the max so that I can go into Portland, when is the bus coming?"

"Soon." It showed up in a manner of minutes. I got her on the bus but before I did an evaluation to make sure that this lady was okay.

1//Have you been drinking? She looked drunk.
2//Is there someone I can call for you? She looked in need of a hug.
3//What can I do for you?
4//Why are you going into the city? 

1//Yes. I had three beers.
2//My sons in Vancouver I don't have anyone's number.
3//No, not that I can think of now.

4// The last question, There is a bad man who has abused me I am trying to get away from. I am going to a domestic violence homeless shelter.

Deep in my balloon inflated heart, I knew that I had to do something. I could not just leave this lady alone on the bus, drunk, and scared.


If this is an emergency please press any key or say help at the tone.



Hello,  this is 9-1-1 do you need medical or police? 

"Hi, my name's Vanessa, I am verified in both Mental Health and CPR First response believe that I need a mental first respondent. I am with a lady who say's her blood sugar is low, is going through a mental crisis and has in intoxicated her self with three beers. She is dizzy and going in and out of sleep."

Where are you located?

"We are on the 78, heading into the Beaverton TC."

We can't send help to a moving bus but if you can get the lady off the at a stop we could help if you need it. 

"I am unable to get her to get off at a stop."

Why don't you call the hotline for mental crisis? 

"Um, okay, I will. Thank you."

I called the line. I had the number in my wallet. After a 7 minute conversation we came up with the idea of sending medical. I was going to have to call 9-1-1, again.


If this is an emergency please press any key or say help at the tone.



Hello,  this is 9-1-1 do you need medical or police? 

"Hi, my name's Vanessa, I am verified in both Mental Health and CPR First response believe that I need a medical first respondent. I am with a lady who say's her blood sugar is low, is going through a mental crisis and has in intoxicated her self with three beers. She is dizzy and going in and out of sleep."

911 didn't respond. In the end all they did was tell me to watch her in case things get worst.

I had a mini panic attack trying to figure out what the hell to do. Was I needing to make it more dramatic, just wait, or take this lady to Portland myself? I didn't know. I called, Tyler. "Hey, I don't know what to do..." "Are you okay? I think you have done all that you can."

Well fine. If I have done all I can then it's in the hands of God.

We finally got boarded onto the train where we sat in the disabled seats next to a lady who wore glasses and wrote on a note pad. "Can I put my stuff here?" I pointed next to her. "I like your glasses." She said, "Thanks."

As I sat down frustrated, I prayed. God, I know that I can't do very much now and that I have tried but please send me an angel so that I can leave with a peaceful mind. Amen.

"I'm getting off at the abuse homeless shelter!" Said the drunk, tired soul.

"Okay, is there anythi-"

"Hi, my names Teresa. I actually work there and am heading there now." The lady with the notepad said.

I couldn't believe it. "You are an angel," I told her.

I could go off in peace and leave this lady in the hands of another caring individual. I walked off the train and just thanked God for the amazing work he had done in my life. God answered my prayer when 911 couldn't.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


This Spring I signed up to be a BANGS BA. A job which entitled wearing these shoes, posting about them, and talking to your Bangs Support Group! It's only been a few months and we've only had two blitz days but I have been loving the program!!

BANGS have a set the mission to help small entrepreneurs by giving 20% of their profit to them. BANGS has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs! I think that's awesome! And the overall this company strives to inspire you to take more adventures. I love it!

Normally, I wouldn't post a promotional type post but THESE SHOES ARE WORTH IT. I love WEARING, WALKING, AND TALKING ABOUT THEM! So, here I am doing just that! Converse and Vans don't come close to these shoes. I kind of think BANGS look like those two shoes had a baby and made a BANGs shoe. They are comfy, cute, simple, and so so so wonderful! A little spendy but I promise they last. My Converse use to break at the heal where your foot creases to walk within the first month but these shoes haven't! I am sold.



USE THIS METHOD IF you are lazy, you have no friends with you to take a picture of your shoes and you, and if you are standing in something cool

HOW TO DO IT: Take out your phone or camera and point it at your shoes. You should leave a little border room so that you can see the stuff your standing in.

THIS KIND OF PICTURE SAYS: the ground is cool but look at my shoes!!


USE THIS METHOD IF you have a friend with you, are at a beautiful location, can think of a cool pose to do that feature your shoes.

HOW TO DO IT: Think of a cool pose and get into it while you yell at your friend to take it at the right moment. Stress out while you take a million pictures trying to get the perfect one.

THIS KIND OF PICTURE SAYS: I am a shoe show off.


USE THIS METHOD IF you find a picture of your shoes that you didn't take

HOW TO DO IT: Just don't try. I promise one day you'll accidentally snap a picture of your shoes or someone else will because all they take is pictures of now is you and your shoes and its muscle memory.

THIS KIND OF PICTURE SAYS: I just really like my shoes.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


DANCE PERFORMANCES. I thought my last dance term was class term but boy was I wrong. I took dance again after the class needed someone to fill in. THAT WAS ME! I was put into a spot, had to learn moves within a few weeks. (Four numbers!) And then we had our show!! I am missing my dance family so much. Moving to a new campus April 2nd and I won't see most of them there! It's sad but I am looking forward to new experiences.

I FINISHED WINTER TERM. This term went by so fast. I know I say that all the time but winter term always flies faster. I was barely hanging onto the classes I was in BUT I made it. Might have failed a class I didn't need to take but it's all good. Wasn't worth the effort to learn how to cook when you already can make amazing food.

MY FAMILY AND I TRAVELED TO CALIFORNIA. (Spring Break!) My mother, sister, and I drove 14 long hours from Portland to San Fransico for spring break. We have stayed with my cousins, seen my aunts and uncles, hugged my grandparents, and viewed the ocean from a hotel. Then the last few days of the trip (as I am writing this) I got sick. Talk about a trip ruiner. Sore through, runny nose, cough, and being to warm. It's all awful! BUT THE TRIP HAS STILL BEEN GREAT!!

"The bird doesn't have time to think about flapping their wings, they just do. Without hesitation Doing something so quickly helps more than anything. I think too much a human."

"Before she set her life down, he moved his away."

"Drip coffee- the way I enjoy my coffee. I'll be alone at school today. Just me and my soul. I want something like a hug to help me calm down."

OH NO// Let me just say this: I've been way to busy. I have done some writing and talking to God but sugar level is out the window (thank you SB*) We will try again and I will be more proud in April.
*Spring Break

MUSIC// I've been loving me some hard rock alternative and some indie  Hippo Campus. Hah, but when do I not love them?! I have been listening to music so much I almost always have my headphones attached to my phone. It's so great. I will share some of those songs soon!

FOOD// Burritos in San Fransico at a place that is a hole in the wall. (I can't share unless you must know where the most amazing food is. I have been eating like crazy. There is no, saying no, to my families food offering unless you want to explain your whole life story on why you aren't eating what they are offering you...

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


You are my Spring Forest.

Welcoming me in with your eye-catching wonders
I watch as the creatures of the forest find light in you
I see that your forest is alive
I see you growing but also wanting to nurture and learn

I see animals slowly and carefully walking into your forest but, oh, my dear, they leave with a sense of belonging, purpose, and love from what they found in you.
The forest tries to understand them and that is enough.

Understand me.

As I walk on your ground.
Feel my feet be nipped by the pine needles
My hands weaving through the ferns
and my voice tickling the wind

The clouds are overhead and a grey filter is covering your world
The rain falls on the trees and drips onto me
You turn drops of rain into sunshine in the darkest of days
Sweet little sunshine kisses placed all over my body.

My wandering soul finds a place to rest in your home.
A deep cry of air in and a light cry out
The water from the creek plays my favorite childhood songs
And the air doesn't leave toxins in my lungs.

One cherry blossomed laced shoe after the other I walk the paths of your heart.
A mud puddle is to be avoided but is leaped over
I leave little footprints over your forest ground
Picking up your leaves and rocks to hold in my hand

My world is feet away 
back to my world; the one that isn't easy to live in

As I walk away from you I feel these things

I feel as if I was the only thing that mattered in your forest
I felt like you accepted to what I hummed
You observed me, supported me and listened.

I walk into my world standing taller.

There is one place I can come to in the spring
The forest
I can come to you.

As I wander abroad I hold your rock in my hand

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