Sunday, October 21, 2018

I know Mondays can be rough. After having a wonderful weekend getting back into the grind of the week can be a challenge. I know this because I have been there recently. 

Last week I had a very difficult time getting into the swing of the weekday grind. Monday I was extremely wiped out after classes and didn't get around to doing any homework. Tuesday was fine. But Wednesday destroyed me mentally. I had wakened up early to finish homework for an anatomy lab and then after the lab, that day I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and hopeless about being able to succeed in the class. Thursday was a bit of a flop too and quite honestly anatomy had scared me off from doing any school related things until Sunday. Talk about a mental roadblock.

These kinds of weeks happen! And it's alright. What's important is to be able to take care of yourself when these kinds of weeks get to you. Instead of worrying about that anatomy class all day I took myself outside and did a HIIT workout, getting my mind off the stressor. 

A few words to help you along the week:

Please, don't neglect yourself when things get rough. Take care of yourself this week! I know school/life/work can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating but don't forget to give yourself a break and a breather. You'll be able to accomplish a lot more if you take breaks in between what you are doing than if you sit for three hours straight. 

You are capable of moving past whatever gets in your way this week. Make sure you challenge your challenger as soon as possible, don't be like me, and stall for as long as you can because you don't think you'll be able to do it because you are able to win the battle. Kick that problem to the curve instead of driving your mind to insanity by letting it sit in the back of your mind.

Remember, it's you who is in control of your emotions, thoughts, and well-being. Start this week off positively and try to keep that outlook the rest of the week. It's easy to say, "Monday's aren't so great," but it's better when you can say, "I'm going to make this Monday worthwhile." It's all up to you!

You've got this! This week is going to be another challenge but it's nothing you can't handle. 


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Self-care can easily make it to the bottom of one's to-do list. Sometimes we are too prideful about our jam-packed schedules to admit we make time for ourselves. And other times we seriously just don't have time. But self- care is so very important and should be done!

That's why I think busy days call for long showers.

After a busy day, a long shower is the easiest way to show yourself that you care. It's simple and effective. If you're going to take a shower why not spend some time in there! It seems like sometimes the only place you can slow down is the shower, you know, since it's just you and your thoughts.

We aren't taking advantage of our showers.
I know at times when I take showers I just go through the motions. I wash my hair, wash my body, and shave like I am a robot. This makes taking showers sound like a chore. Surely, we want to enjoy our showers. So stop going through the motions and go into the shower thinking that this is your time! Your uninterrupted time to focus and take care of yourself!

Stop rushing through your shower.
People who take care of themselves take long showers. This is the conclusion I've come too. No one but your siblings will tell you to hurry up in the shower. Why not take advantage of your "you" time and enjoy the shower instead of rushing so you can get dinner or move onto the next task.

A few ideas for your next shower:
-Turn on some sing along songs
-Don't rush
-Be mindful of yourself
-Remember to put on lotion

This is the simplest way to take caee of yourself sooooo Shower yourself with love AND remember shower time is you time. Don't waste it.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

I am feeling discouraged. I look into the mirror trying to see the beauty rather than the things that make me frown. I remind myself that my body is only what carries me and that my personality is what people love when I pass by a mirror. I remind myself that I am enough and that I a child of God and God doesn't take into account how we look. That these blemishes on my face aren't permanent. That I am smart, I am beautiful and I am enough. I am.

And although my appearance has me flustered that isn't the obstacle.

What has me down isn't so much about the way my body looks but rather the way I feel. I feel heavy, sluggish, slow, and bloated. I've felt like that more than ever in the past few weeks and I am not helping myself by eating foods that are raising my blood pressure, spiking my sugar levels, and leaving my face with acne. Those foods are not only affecting me physically but mentally too.

The mind works better when you feed it wholesome foods but every time I eat one oreo I say whatever and indulge in five more. My brain is foggy, slow, and doesn't have a long attention span. I am fixated in shaming myself for the bad foods I've eaten and punish myself more by eating an extra amount.

Exercise is something I don't do often. I am ashamed to do it because every time I do I am reminded that I am not as strong as I was in Spring. That my health has diminished. My left wrist has trouble bearing weight and my left hip is sore. I feel unable.

What does it matter what the number says on the scale if I don't feel healthy? What does it matter if I can do 43 push-ups without stopping if the only thing I can think about is my wrist hurts. What's it matter if I eat one good meal only to think about the unhealthy one I shouldn't have eaten. My mindset isn't where it use to be.

I feel like shit. I want to feel better more than anything. I want to feel healthy again because I miss that feeling. I want to feel cleansed because this feeling I can't take anymore. I want to be able to nod when people say you're so healthy than rolling my eyes because they don't really know my truth.

And forget starting the next day. "Tomorrow I am going to drink more water, eat better foods, and exercise," that is what someone who isn't serious is going to say. I am going to start right now. When the realization came into mind that I am going to change. My mind is no longer in a stage of pre-contemplation or contemplation. I am ready to take action. And I am going to do that now.

I am going to exercise today because it makes me feel strong and I am going to chop some carrots up today for a movie time snack so that I won't be eating the ice cream I indulge my feelings with at night. I am going to start fixating on the good things I did for my body rather than the bad.

The outcome is feeling healthy, being happier about my lifestyle, feeling less sluggish, looking brighter, and feeling like I can tackle anything. It'll work out with a little effort. It will and I will feel better.

This piece has sat in my drafts for a while now but I think it's something that will help others to read so I am posting it as inspiration, encouragement, as something one might be able to relate to. As support. As a reminder that we don't have to be perfect. We just have to try. 

On a completely different note! There is a post on my health and fitness blog about oatmeal. If you haven't taken a look at that blog I encourage it!! Maybe subscribe via email and make my day! Blueberry muffins to all of you that subscribe via email! *gives muffins out*


Friday, September 28, 2018

Watched Vampire Diaries// ... and got bored around season three. I can't commit to binge-watching shows. My attention span is short. I loved the characters but they became so predictable after the first season. Damon Salvatore does have some of the most amusing expressions I've seen a character have.

Got Bored During My Five Week Break// There's only so much I can do when I have time off from work and school. Although, I appreciated having time to simply relax I missed the stress of school. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't take classes over the summer.

Got Sick The Week Before Fall Term// Flash forward to now where I am 92% better but my mother and sister now have the same cold I have. I'm sorry!!

First Day of Autumn Beach Trip// My mother, sister and I took a small trip to the coast the first day of Autumn and wow was it amazing!! On and off rain during the drive, clear skies at the beach, lunch at the bay, a walk through the forest looking for huckleberries, and wondrous clouds and beach views.

Started Fall Term// Started the first week of the term on the 24th and I am already buried in school work. It's a little overwhelming but what isn't these days?


"The polish reminded me of last summer. I am sitting on the toilet seat with the fan on so the smell of polish vanishes, with lovelytheband playing, messily painted nails, half damp hair and a door that's 70% open writing on the counter of the bathroom counter."

"Two days ago, on Friday, it started to rain and I opened the deck window and stuck my hand out of the house. The first rain droplet fell on my hand kept we wishing one would fall on the center of my palm."

"What if I left my journal in an unknown place. Just dropped it there for someone to pick-up. Would that person be able to find out whose words these are? or would they even care enough to read them? If I read my journal without knowing who I am could I piece my life back together?"

"Time goes by fast... it's been seven days since I've journaled but it doesn't feel like it."


"I don't know how to run. I don't know where to leave you behind." Don't Cry- Tors

"A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved." Supermarket Flowers- Ed Sheeran

"When you're lost and you're alone and you can't get back again. I will find you and darling I will bring you home" By Your Side- Matt Kearney (i love his voice.)


Sunday, September 23, 2018

I'm just going to accept that this picture has a blue haze rather than a white one. *rolls eyes* blogger + perfectionist struggles. Sometimes, you don't get what you want.

Ginger Tea is my all time favorite tea. It's a miracle worker. But you must be a ginger lover to love this tea otherwise you'll most likely throw it in down the drain. However, if you are sick and can tolerate the flavor ginger it'll heal your common cold symptoms.

I got a cold the past Monday and I've been making pots of this tea non-stop. For those of you that don't know, I hate drugstore medications. I've had my fair share of allergic reactions to probiotics and other prescription drugs I can heal myself with a natural remedy, I WILL. Keeping those toxins out of my body makes me feel better. I also drink this tea when I am not sick because it's delicious. Sweet, spicy, warm, and soothing.

3 cups of water
2 tablespoons of fresh chopped ginger
2 lemons
1 lime
4 tablespoons of honey

*I don't measure out this recipe but these are the
eyed measurements to what I like. 
You can add or subtract anything to your taste preferences. 

1// Boil water in a pot
2// Once the water is boiling add in the chopped ginger and juice of lemons and limes
3// Simmer on medium heat for 5- 20 minutes. The longer you boil ginger the stronger the flavor
4// When done boiling take pot off the heat and stir in the desired amount of honey
5// Pour tea into the cup (If you don't like chewing on chunks of ginger like I do, put a strainer over your cup)

Wanted to say happy autumn as well! I've been holding back doing all things Autumn all September because I want it to be officially autumn until I rejoice that the colder days are among us! Happy autumn friends! I'm about to collect some leaves. 
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