Thursday, January 18, 2018


I've fallen back into love with the clouds. I was always in love with them, but these days I've looked at them with new eyes and have found a deeper love.

They say, "Look up, things will get better." 

So I roll my eyes, tilt my head upwards, and look up into the sky. I'm literally looking up. I see shades of blue, gray, white, and sometimes yellow and orange. I lose myself looking at the sky's composition. I don't have many thoughts when I look up- just feelings of hope and peace and of tranquillity and optimism. 

God is here with me in this moment. He is watching over me and walking with me throughout my day. The clouds remind me of Him because He is every feeling the clouds give me and more. Maybe this is why I have fallen into a more profound love with the clouds because I am learning to love God more deeply.

I say, "They will."

Monday, January 15, 2018


Dear Friends,

I am very excited to let you all know that I will be sending personalized Valentine's letters to anyone who would like to receive one! I have been wanting to write letters to more of my blog friends for a while now. Therefore, when I came up with sending Valentine's letters to anyone who's interested I had to make it happen. (This post is me making it happen!) Hopefully, I will be able to send a few letters! 

How to receive a letter from V:

~Leave a comment letting me know you are interested in getting a letter sent to you and I will email you so we can talk about the details. Only reply to emails from (simplyperfectone{at}gmail{dot}com)  with subject line Valentine's Snail Mail
~Email me at (simplyperfectone{at}gmail{dot}com) with the subject line Valentine's Snail Mail

I am only able to send snail mail to people located in the USA
All comments and emails must be in by January, 27

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 GOALS

                                                           I've always had a love-hate relationship with setting New Year's Goals. In fact, THIS IS MY FIRST NEW YEAR'S GOALS POST ON MY BLOG, EVER.

I have avoided making new year's goals in the past because I was afraid of failure. I didn't want to be the person who set goals at the start of the year and didn't accomplish any of them in the end. Another thing that had me on edge when it came to goals was that I only saw people setting them at the start of the year. I didn't understand why you couldn't set goals at any other given time in the year. If I wanted to change why couldn't I start at any given time? New Year's goals didn't make sense to me.

By challenging myself to set New Year's goals this year, I have learned a couple of things about goals. First, failing isn't an option when you set goals that are friendly. Before I didn't set goals because I thought I would fail if I set them. But because I have used friendly words like less and more the goals I set are easier to achieve. (Ex. Instead of saying, "this year I won't eat any sugar" I said, "this year I will eat less sugar.") Problem failure fixed!!

As for why we set goals at the beginning of the year, I think it has to do a lot with reflection. At the end of the year, it is easier to reflect on what was accomplished and what wasn't. I feel more motivated to start goals because a new number feels like a clean slate. The New Year is a convenient time to think about our lives which is why making goals at that time works.

My 2018 GOALS are to...

Use the word "really" less. This goal is last minute since I thought of it a few days ago. I was writing in my journal and I noticed how many times I wrote the really down! The word made me sound less sophisticated than I wanted to sound. Really sounds like a teenager that uses the word like in every sentence. No thanks!

Consume less sugar. Sugar is the devil. Sugar is the devil. SUGAR IS THE DEVIL. It really is. Other than sugar tasting amazing there is no benefit to eating sugar. Added sugars are bad for you. To optimize my health I am going to be eating less sugar.

Strengthen my relationship with God. Having a relationship with God takes a lot of work but I want to become closer to God this year. I would like to read the bible more often, pray every day, and invite God into my life more often. I haven't been the best at doing these things in the past but I want to change that this year. God is everything and I want to show him that I am willing to work at a better relationship with Him. To indulge in my faith in God will better my life.

Write more often. I have been journaling for the past last months pretty consistently. I have been enjoying putting pen to paper and writing about my day and exploring different thoughts that are in my mind. This year I want to keep writing in my journal! Writing short stories is also something I want to do more often too. The class I took on writing flash non-fiction has really opened my eyes to how powerful short stories are and can be. I would love to become better at writing those.

Summarize each month of the year in a post. In 2016 I did monthly goals and in 2017 I was lazy and did nothing but this year I want to write monthly wrap-up posts in order to remember events of the year better. I am thinking of putting in some of the things I did that month, along with a few journal excerpts, and music I liked to listen to that month in the post.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 WRAP-UP

..... UM WHAT? 2017 is almost over? Guess that means it's time to relfect on the year!

In 2017...

I took a journey of self-love- This was the most important thing I did for myself over the year. At times I felt I was completely committed to being more loving towards myself and other times I felt lost and distracted. Yet, the distractions didn't get in my way for long because I always found a way back. My journey with self-love taught me that I am worthy and that loving and focusing on yourself isn't selfish. By learning more about myself, I also could understand others better. There is still so much more to learn about loving myself but I am glad that I have taken the first steps!

God reinforced that he will always be with me- I went through a rough time in the middle of the year. I wasn't myself and I didn't understand that until I looked back. In all the madness of my life, God was with me. As I prayed with him, he helped me understand and be more accepting of everything that was going on. Without God and all the prayers my family prayed for me, I would not have been where I am today. God is with me in the very best moments of my life and in some of the worst.

I gave myself lots of positive pep talks- When there is a lot going on I tend to give myself A LOT of pep-talks. You'll see me walking down campus mumbling to myself... This year and fall term especially I had a lot of anxiety when it came to social situations. My nerves can really get the best of me but pep-talks are really my holy grail. Give myself some positive words and say a prayer if I remember! If there's no one to lift me up I'll do it myself! This year I can't even begin to count the many times I gave myself encouraging words to get through the day. The words I spoke to myself do wonders.

I dream journaled more often- I am extraordinarily glad that I got back into the habit of writing down my dreams. After I wake up from an adventure I write it down in a journal specifically for my dreams. I have always been fascinated by the dreams I have so dream journaling is something I really enjoy doing. DREAMS MAKE AWESOME STORIES. This is something I want to keep doing in the year to come!

The little things were appreciated more- I think I posted more appreciation posts than any other kind of post on my blog this year. I feel like I was always looking out for the "Sweet little things." When this year got hectic falling on lists of gratitude made me feel as if life was more colorful than it felt. The little things in life are some of the most precious things. Bigger moments are 10 times more appreciated when you learn to value the little things as well. 

Moments of 2017...

  • Getting a foot of snow in January 
  • Taking writing classes (Writing 121 and Creative Writing)
  • Seeing friends in Corvallis
  • Preparing for my sister's quinceanera and practicing all her dances with her
  • Seeing all my family when they came to visit in May
  • Sprint and hill running
  • Going to both my cousin's graduations. Two Graduations in one day
  • Finishing my first year of college
  • Playing Cashier for a month
  • Turning 20
  • Summer road trips to the gorge
  • Going to the beach with family friends
  • Dancing over the summer
  • Writing at the park
  • Starting year two of college
  • Attending beautiful December masses 

Music of 2017...

One Republic's Album Oh My My- I listened to this album forward and backwards this year. I loved it so much that I wrote a paper on it for a class assignment and still wasn't sick of it after having pulled out my trying to figure out how to explain how great this album was in words. I still can't write music reviews but I do think this album is really great. Oh My My, Let's Hurt Tonight, and Heaven are surpassing songs from the album. 

Hippo Campus's Album Landmark- I found out about this band from a friend and was hooked to their music from the second it touched my ear. There's something about indie rock that puts me in a happy state of mind. Songs that I loved are Buttercup, Monsoon, Way It Goes, and Simple Season.

Shoff's Album Somewhere Between Nostalgia and Paradise- This album is exactly what it seems like it would be. Very relaxed and WEIRD indie pop. I think I listened to this album so many times because it really made me feel Nostalgic. Eat Your Friends is about as random as the title but it was on repeat over the summer.

Other Randoms-
Grizfolk- Into the barrens and Waking  up the Giants
Ziggy Alberts- Runaway and Days In The Sun
Blanco White- The Lily
Alex Newell- Keep It Moving
DJ Cassidy- Honnor
Mako- Way Back Home
Mr. Probz- Till Your're loved
Pacific Air- Roses

Foods of 2017...
  • Iced ice
  • Waffles
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Smoothies (mainly too soft nice cream)
  • Pesto Pasta

Favorite Posts of 2017...

In a Relationship With Myself- To read more about the journey of self-love I took
Familiarity- A poem that had sweet memories attached to it
A Different Mindset -More about self-love
I Was Not Myself- The hardship of the year

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas + Three Gifts In My Life

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I am wishing you all a peaceful and joy-filled day. Be merry today. Today is a day to put aside the worries and live in the moment. I do think that we should live more in the moment every day but let's enforce that today. Have a wonderful Holidays.

This year for Christmas I didn't wish for anything. When people asked what I wanted for Christmas I simply said that I didn't want anything. I am content with everything that I have and there isn't much that I need. Life should be simple and we shouldn't seek joy out in material goods. Things won't make you happy but the gifts you already have in your life will. 

Three gifts I have in my life:

My family. My family is my back and bone. They help support, care, and uplift me. There is so much family has to offer that most the times I run out of words to tell the world how much I love them. My grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, parents, and siblings are all so important to me. Without them, I am sure my life wouldn't fill as full as it is now. I don't need anything more than the love I get from them.

A warm house. There are so many people that might have this on their wish lists. I am glad that I already have a house that is warm and protective. A place to call home is something I am appreciative to have.

The blogging community. The blogging community always has a place in my heart. The friends that I have made are a gift. The people who have supported my blog for years are dear to my heart. Without these people, I wonder if I would still be sharing what I love on my blog. Getting love and support from the people who read my blog is one of the biggest gifts I could ever receive. I am thankful for each and every one of my readers.

Merry Christmas to all of you! Enjoy today!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Two Lies & A Truth

I altered the rules for this prompt just a tad. ;) Olivia, who writes the most beautiful and aesthetic pieces tagged me to do this. Normally, it's two truths and a lie. What you do is write three short excerpts from your life and people have to guess which one is the lie. What I did is told two "lies" and a truth. I say "lies" because I used bits of my dreams and instead of making up a piece of writing. Two of these stories happened in my dreams and one of them happened in real life. Let me know which of these short stories happened in real life!


1- My sister and I were headed to our dad's house but before he picked us up at Fred Meyers, where we always met him, decided to get candy. We threw our overnight duffles in a shopping cart and walked to the candy aisle. Our eyes opened wide as we stood surrounded by all the sweet treats. I imagined the taste of each of the candies, then saw a sign that read two bags for five dollars. We decided to get a bag of Red Vines and a bag of Snickers. On our way to the register, my sister pointed out Fruit Roll-Ups. It had been forever since we had the sticky goop stuck to our teeth. I remembered my mom putting them in my lunch box and enjoying unraveling them. "Should we get them?" I thought of the memories they brought back. "Vanessa hurry up and decide we have to hurry and pay before dad gets here!" I smiled, "Okay! Put them in the cart!!"

2- We sat on the bench outside of the concert hall in late November. I had not seen this person for so long; we grew up together. Ever since the third grade, we had taken turns playing who hates the other more. It was something kids who liked each other but could never admit to it did.

"I don't know why we hate each other so much," he said sounding a little nostalgic.

I leaned into him a little and jokingly said, "Well, let's not hate each other anymore."

He took my hand and pointed out that it was freezing which to that I told him that my hands were always cold and I took my hand back trying to not make things uncomfortable. As we were walking to the dark red seats of the auditorium he said, "You know, I spent all this time exploring and wandering the world but now I don't know if it was worth it." He had just gotten back from his year-long trip to Europe. We were having the first sincere and open conversation we have had in a long time. Sighing I  spoke, " I mean, I spent all this time in college and I still don't know what I want to do," I paused to check if that was true, "I have a general idea but I'm still not sure." He just looked at me and gave me a tight smile almost telling me that no matter which path we walk we still end up in the same place.

3- The ocean whispered in the distance only the ones who were paying attention to their surroundings could really hear it for what it was. Eight teens, including my sister and I, walked through the sand dunes in the early evening moonlight until we heard one of the younger campers yell, "HEY GUYS!!" The small child was running towards us. We didn't want to babysit while we were on break so we all ran. Eight of us running barefoot through the dunes then parting our ways to hide below the crevices of the sand mountains. "Stay down," I told the girl who was hiding with. Peaking through the seagrass on the top of the dunes we watched the black shadow of the boy walk away.

All of the other teens walked out of hiding when the boy was gone. Just as the girl I hide with was about to get up I grabbed her hand and tugged her back towards the sand, "Let's scare them." A playful look came to her eyes as she nodded and asked what to do next. I muttered, "Stay low and follow me." Motioning with my hands GO! we ran behind a new sand dune. As we laid on the sand we heard the group shouting our names. My finger came to my lips Shhhh. "This isn't funny!" "Come on guys!" "Where are you guys?!" Everyone started to walk through the dunes to find us and together we kept moving from hiding to hiding. My heart raced as we went from dune to dune without being caught. This was the most excitement I have had. "On three when they get close enough we will jump out." I could barely see her lips move as she said that. We listened to their wandering until they were near. My fingers came up one by one. One, two, three they read. "RAWWRRRR!"

UPDATE: Number 3 was the truth!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

PRINTMAKING {Sharing My Art}

Above is most of the artwork I have created in printmaking. I think that this is the first time I am sharing my own artwork on my blog; that's exciting! I took printmaking for two terms and absolutely loved every moment of it. It's a unique form of art considering that it is much more about the process of the plate that you eventually will ink and run through a press. The presses are the kinds that were used for printing the newspapers and even Bibles. This art class fascinated me. 

The first two prints are relief prints. I created a chipboard that contained different textures such as glue, paper, plastic, and foil patterns then rolled ink over the board and ran it through the press. Next three prints are monotypes I made. These prints were made by rolling ink onto a plastic board then wiping away and adding ink to the plates. The last five are all etchings. These copper plates took the longest amount of time to print. Prepping the plate with hard ground, then scratching the hard ground, putting it into acid, then re-working lines. Lot's of work to make these plates but they were definitely worth it. (I know a lot of this doesn't make sense but it's for me to read later when I forget)

I would for sure take this class again. It's so much fun. A little frustrating at times but overall such a wonderful break from classes that have no creative aspect to them.

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